World of Tanks – Advent Calendar – Day 2 – Turtle Mk. 1


Here is the first offer of our Advent Calendar. Don’t be too harsh on this tank though, it’s not called the Turtle Mk. I for nothing. If you’re willing to forgive its lack of speed, this Tier VIII destroyer won’t disappoint. Use its outstanding DPM to make fire rain down on your enemies, bounce all the shots with your frontal armour and use your accuracy to target your enemies’ weak points.

In-Game Deal

  • VIII Turtle Mk. I
  • 25 missions: x5 XP for each victory
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot
Price: 9,700 Gold

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Advent Calendar – Day 2 – Turtle Mk. 1

  1. and just when we ware thinking “offers” can not get any worse than the BF “offer” we have this shit, let’s see tomorrow

  2. Wargame now just taking the piss over and over
    how can a brand new (very expensive) Tier 8 Premium Tank be a Christmas “Advent Calendar“ festive offering
    yeah it ends in 12 hours )) but it will be back quite soon, as we all know
    suppose the rest of the December festive Advent Calendar will just be a excuse for regular standard
    ‘been on sale every other month’ Tier 8 “specials“ ))that aren’t specials
    disappointing, but not surprising

  3. Well, advent calendar is just a limited time offer to players to buy the newer/better premiums for Gold. They didn’t even implement the feature during the festival to save a few purchases for later. Anyway, I really just care for the Black Market. That’s the real Black Friday sale where premiums are sometimes available for credits.

    1. Not to mention rare tanks are available. I picked up the Sexton 1 and Pz V/IV which I can’t recall being available for many years.

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