WoT Supertest – IS-2-II


Today, we add the IS-2-II, a Tier VIII Soviet heavy tank and the first vehicle in the new two-barreled tank branch, to the Supertest.

The IS-2-II has several main armament options. Stats-wise, the 100 mm double-barrelled gun performs the best. The average damage dealt by each is 300 points; the armour penetration is 221 mm with a standard and 256 mm with a special shell. The gun dispersion is 0.4 m per 100 m with an aiming time of 2.8 seconds and decent stabilization.

The frontal hull armour is up to 110 mm thick. The turret protection is much better, with up to 235 mm at the front. To survive and excel in combat, you will have to position this tank correctly, making the most of its turret armour and gun depression of -7°. The overall HP pool of the IS-2-II is 1,500 points.

The dynamics of the vehicle is what you would expect from a heavy. The top speed is 34 km/h, accelerated with a power-to-weight ratio of 14 hp/t, and the hull traverse speed is 30 degrees per second. The view range is 350 m.

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  1. I can\’t help but feel like those tanks will be hot garbage.

    They\’re trying to counter-balance the double-gun potential by ruining reload.

    Here we have a heavy tank at tier 8 with 9.5s reload for 300dmg when the IS-3 has like 11s for 390. Or double that and add 6.5s (total 25s~) for 600dmg when a KV-2 at tier 6 takes 5s less for 710dmg with AP. Or maybe fire the guns like an autoloader then it\’s pretty much just as bad as a charged shot.

    Dpm is ridiculously low, there is no incentive to use the special feature of the tank because it makes the dpm even worse and each shot has its own RNG (meaning there\’s a chance you\’ll only do half of the damage you were supposed to do when firing both guns), you have no armor… It\’s just bad.

    They should either give the tank the normal dpm for each individual gun, or give the tanks normal armor for their tier. You can\’t give a tier 8 heavy worse armor than a tier 7 and worse dpm than a tier 6 and justify it by \”but look, two guns lol\”.

  2. So it\’s pretty much confirmed that the double barreled tanks won\’t be released in patch 1.7

    1. Actually they were confirmed in this patch by the Russians on their site for wot. Apparently they’re going to update the test server every week until it’s released (Early December). And remember the tier 9 and 10 were super tested ages ago. Also this isn’t the first time Wg super tested something and immediately put in on the test server (*cough* *cough* British lights *cough* *cough*)

    1. If you are implying that this is the tier 8 prem then no this is not but they are making a prem tank for this branch (obviously). The tank is the Object 703-II

  3. very nice

    fix the shity Maps .. err no
    nice new bigger Non Corridor Maps … err no
    fix the broken & OP Tanks in the game Defender etc Bobjcts etc … err no
    fix broken Arty/ SPG in game … err no

    but plenty of time for new $$$$$$ Premium Tier8 Tanks … err YES!

    wonder what WG priorities are … hmm?

  4. This still strikes me as the dumbest and least interesting thing WG could be doing with this game. Blitz is now ahead of proper WoT in terms of features.

    Can\’t wait to buy the premium when it\’s out.

      1. WG need to realise ACTUAL real world that constant Tier 10 battles played in under power Tier 8\’s
        pisses players right off a LOT

        stops playing isn\’t no fun getting murdered all time

      2. well, as I grind T28 prot, Panther II and Pantera right now, I have quite plenty of t8 gameplay. and yes, I see t10 sometimes, but surprisingly many t8-only games. and even a noticeable number of games as toptier – on EU1.

        from my point of view, the current MM works quite good.

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