0 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – New Tech Tree Line – Anti Tank Guided Missiles are Coming Once More!

    1. Surely you\’re just going to be able to sit just under a ridge and spam them at any spotted tanks. Seems just as daft as arty.

      1. It its trying to copy warthunder your sitting still and contrioling the rocket.. If you shoot up your an spg as the shell comes back down im guessing you can sit in the back like an spg lol

  1. I don\’t know how the mechanics work, but if they\’re anything like War Thunder\’s ATGM\’s then this could actually be balanced.

    Missiles are super powerful, but the tank that fires it has to stay still while the missile is moving. This means that a big, fat, easy to hit US light tank with no armor is going to have to keep itself completely exposed while the slow ass missile reaches its target. There\’s a lot of calculated risk going into using these things.

      1. It already looks more balanced than artillery without being tweaked. If you had to keep the target in line of sight then it\’d be a LOT better than the conventional arty we already have to suffer.

  2. Is it me or I saw a T92 with XM551 turret? I don\’t understand the need of such fake, when the M41 with XM551 is doing the job.

    1. Yer I\’m not too sure wjats goin on with that either aye. On the WoT Blitz site they\’ve named it the T92E1.

      The only thing that comes to mind is that they\’re trying to make it \”historical progression\” where the T92 was designed to replace the M41 but the XM551 ended up as the replacement.

      Why they didnt just do what PC did and just use the real T49 instead is a mystery even to themselves no doubt

  3. Why did they remove Team Battles? This weekend we Dingers are making it a protest weekend against WG’s decision to drop TB. So expect a lot of Dingers sync-tooning!!!

    1. well, I love WoT PC, too. Blitz is just not the exact same thing but for me it is just a \”replacement\” if I am not at home and just want to shoot some tanks.

      some bad thing: you cannot decide to NOT see any unhistorical stuff (like van Hellsing, Dracula etc.)

      1. But those it affect the game play? Or anytime you see someone use an unhistorical thing you get mad and yell at everyone ?

  4. the video shows a new type of arty that will never miss, you can expect full teams with ATGM laucnhers
    I think that they could add ATGMs if they worked their mechanic to work like this:
    » high pen like HEAT and high damage like HE
    » flat/horizontal trajectory like AP instead of lobbing like those heavier rounds (HEAT, HE and HESH)
    » slow speed despite flat trajectory (like IRL)
    » need to keep target spotted, which means you won\’t miss but also means you will be spotted (if within view range of any enemy near you) because you can\’t use the 15m rule and/or the double/triple/etc bush rule in order to keep sight of the enemy
    » reward = \”nuke\” hit with very high damage, excellent to finish enemies in 1 shot
    » setback = you get spotted and can be damaged back, and since it is a HEAT warhead you have to be wary of spaced armor

    even though you have to put yourself in the line of fire you will most likely be able to finnish the enemy way before he kills you, perfect for late game situations

    I think it would be much more balanced than arty mechanics but unfortunately it won\’t be like that

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