WoT – AMR 35 Final HD Model (New Year’s Gift Tank)

AMR 35 was given the final HD model.
The price in gold has not yet been touched, but it is 99% certain that this particular vehicle will become a gift tank for the New Years.

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    1. I would not be so sure about the money part, some recent gift tanks could be sold for like 1k credits or even less (see T-29 and French Wolverine).

  1. Garage slot + silver. Why the hell do they spend their time of gift tanks like this? Have they ever checked on the statistics, how many battles the players have with these tier 2-3 gift tanks? They could use their resources on making new maps or rework existing ones instead. Or on rebalancing.tanks. Or new camos (3d, 2d). Or just anything else, really.

  2. Well…this might be an unpopular opinion, but I really like them gifting us low tier tanks. Y\’know, sometimes you just gotta lay back and go play some low-stakes battles after all that high tier drama (or at least that\’s the case for me). Besides, gOtTa cATcH TheM ALl

    1. As far as I can remember the only low tier gift tanks that were actually good were the T-45 and the Te-Ke. The rest was IMHO forgettable.

      1. Te-Ke is trash. The Tetrarch and the Russian M3 are really good on the other hand.

        And the T7 Combat Car is fun especially when people tell you that you are statpadding with it.

  3. The AMR 35 has been one of my favorite pre-war french tanks so I\’m glad its the new year\’s tank. Plus I try to collect what tanks I can and the older gift tanks get more rare every year. WOULD YOU ALL BE SAYING \”FREE GARAGE SLOT\” IF SOMETHING AKIN TO THE TETRARCH (on release) WAS THE GIFT TANK? Probably. Waa Waa its a low tier vehicle, blah blah…

  4. This have been guessed and tested as the gift tank 2-3 times before. It\’s been around for 5 years now? Tho we still have the French low tier wheelie too in \”limbo\”

  5. that is so Generous of WG they really \”care\” about us you know

    another Tier 3 tank that\’s never ever going to get played after a few initial dayds

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