World of Tanks – Bond Shop Offerings

Final offer table and prices in bonds:

M60  – 15.000
121B  – 15.000
FV215b  – 12.000
STG Guard – 8.000
T26E5 Patriot – 8.000
AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté – 8.000
Panzer 58 Mutz  – 8.000
Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.  – 3.000
T-34E  – 1.500
M10 RBFM  – 1.500

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  1. Final? Is this not just he old placeholder screen? As if this is final, and the M60 appears… for that price. The forum will be an interesting place for the next few days.

    1. lol, just logged on and it\’s more or less the same as the \”randomly selected prices and placeholder tanks\” they had on test. And as expected. Forum did not take this lightly.

  2. So from what I can see all they\’re selling with regards to CW tanks are worse versions of whats already in the tech tree. Cool not sure why would anyone care.

    1. Their reason for the M60 and 121B was they were from a short campaign. So not many \”wasted\” to much time on them to be mad about it… Not exactly what they said, but it\’s not far from it.

  3. The 121B is very good (and I have a 907 from the 3rd campaign). Most likely better than the regular 121. I tried it a bit on the Common test, and anyone who wants to buy it should do so in the common test first (next iteration should also have the bond shop).
    I don\’t think 8000 bonds for a good tier 8 premium is a bad price, considering you could make that much in this season of Frontlines, Steel Hunter and the Great Race. you can\’t expect free stuff without even playing (grinding) the game. Anyone who has been around since the early days (2011 for me), knows how long it took to get your first Tier 10 without completely ruining your stats.

  4. The Hydro or M10 would be interesting since i miss those.
    Also the 121B … it looks kinda sexy. I happily trade a bit alpha for that power to weight!

    However that 215b… lol. Now that\’s funny.
    12000 bonds for a GIANT lower plate of 100mm and just as big gaps on the side (so you can\’t sidescrape) … (friend of mine has it and finds it depressing)

    I mean the shape is sexy, but those GIANT GAPS are turning me off so hard 😀

  5. I hope the other CW tanks become available as well. The bond shop is the best thing WG did this year. I can’t express enough how appreciated it is to get these without the clan wars bollocks.

      1. So? don’t care about my stats. Getting these tanks so coveted is rly nice because cw is a boring mode

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