Wargaming’s and G-Core Labs Collaboration – Game Testing Center (Maybe WG Games Won’t Be So Bad Anymore?)


G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions, expands its service portfolio by opening a game testing (QA) center. As part of developing the new business line, the company entered a strategic collaboration with Wargaming, an international game developer and publisher. The center’s engineers have already started testing the flagship project of the company’s partner, the popular World of Tanks.

The newest G-Core Labs unit is located in Perm, Russia. Its opening gives rise to a new area of the company’s business—quality assurance. Due to the extensive expertise in the gaming industry and Wargaming support, the company is confident that the new project is bound to succeed.

“G-Core Labs started as a solution provider for the gaming industry, so we know better than anyone, how important testing is for businesses, and we also understand all the requirements of our customers”, says Roman Zhikharev, Director of G-Core Labs QA center. “Today we’re trusted partners of Wargaming. The World of Tanks creators rely on us in such an essential thing as the testing of their key product, because it’s very important for such a large developer that production doesn’t stop for one minute. So far, we’re dealing with simple tasks, but we’ll expand our service portfolio soon enough. Even now, other Wargaming teams want to work with us.”

G-Core Labs QA center has plans to expand the number of personnel to 50 engineers by the end of the year, and to make it 100 by mid-2020.

Source: gamasutra

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  1. Warplanes wont betested.
    It\’s not a game. Barely a software.

    Srly. Barely half a year after release they cut off every kind of promotion. Pretty sure they loose money on it.

    1. if they\’d turn off the Wp servers, people might realise that WoT also has a limited life span and be interpreting this as the first big step towards the end of tonks

      … in addition to WG\’s other, smaller game-(or at least fun-)murdering decisions.

  2. The game is completely rigged, broken and unbalanced, and you guys think they will get it sraight by pimping the graphics… christ sake…sick…

  3. I have left the game. I\’ve had it up to my eyeballs. Super OP tanks and 3 arty per match was way too much to handle for me. WG will never fix OP tanks since that\’s their main source of income and I highly doubt the muppets at WG will ever realize that how it is possible for Grand battles to have 4 SPGs on a much bigger map and in 30v30 matches while randoms have 3 SPGs on a much smaller map and 15v15 matches. So I just left the game. In the past 2 weeks, I\’ve played 5 battles. Soon I won\’t even bother to open the game and will definitely uninstall it. It\’s just not worth playing. I suggest others do the same. As long as you stay and pay them, you\’re telling them that you\’re OK with what they\’re doing otherwise why would you give them your hard-earned cash?

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