WoT NA – November Sneak Preview: Giving Thanks…and Tanks!


November is all about giving thanks! A special Veteran’s Day weekend, a new vehicle debuts, our biggest sales of the year, and more! By no means a complete schedule, several surprises await…so make sure and check back for updates.


November Premium Shop Offers

Noteworthy sales!

Great deals are headed to the Premium Shop for November — check back for these and other offers throughout the month:

  • Nov. 1-Dec. 1: “Steal of a Deal” — Buy 30 Days WoT Premium Account, and get the Soviet T-45 Tier II light tank, a Garage Slot, and 100% Crew — free!
  • Nov. 5-12: T78 — U.S. Tier VI tank destroyer
  • Nov. 5-17: Škoda T 27 Czechoslovakian Tier VIII medium tank
  • Nov. 11-18: TS-5 — U.S. Tier VIII tank destroyer
  • Nov. 15-25: Frontline 2019: Episode 10 Tier VIII Vehicle Offers — For the final Frontline 2019 Episode, how about a new Tier VIII vehicle? We have special offers on the LT-432, Rheinmetall Skorpion G, Lansen C, ISU-130, and Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10)!
  • Nov. 19-26: Cromwell B — U.K. Tier VI medium tank
  • Nov. 26-Dec. 3: AMX 13 57 GF — French Tier VIII light tank


November Special Events

Long-term missions and other happenings!

  • Nov. 1-Dec. 1: Play Your Tank Class Right — A series of challenges to help you master tank destroyers, light, medium, and heavy tanks; success rewards consumables, XP, and equipment!
  • Nov. 1-Dec. 1: Tournament Missions — We’ve got rewards (Boosters, emblems, and Garage Slots) for completing specific objectives during November Tournament matches!


November Weekend Events

It’s the end of the week — unwind and earn XP and other goodies!

  • Nov. 1-4: ×2 Crew XP Weekend
  • Nov. 8-12: ×5 XP Veteran’s Day Weekend, Gold discounts, and XP Conversion
  • Nov. 15-18: ×2 Crew XP and XP Fever Missions
  • Nov. 22-25: ×1.5 XP and Tier Challenge Missions
  • Nov. 22-25: ×1.5 XP and Tier Challenge Missions
  • Nov. 29-Dec.2: ×3 Crew XP, Gold discounts, and conversion rates


Nov. 1-9: Berlin Wall Fall Mission

“Tear down this wall!”

To celebrate German reunification, you can do your part to dismantle the Berlin Wall by playing a series of special missions. You can also earn a one-of-a-kind Medal!


Nov. 1-26: Tank Rewards — Military Appreciation Month

iving thanks to military members!

Players can complete all missions with Regular Vehicles; plus, additional missions for verified military members who have registered with the World of Tanks Salute program!

Tank Rewards


Nov. 1-Dec. 6: Tank Mastery Missions

Are you an “Ace Tanker?”

Get an “Ace Tanker” Mastery Badge on featured vehicles to unlock six (6) special emblems!


Nov. 8-11: Trick or Treat Reward Mission Weekend

Goodies for the winning team!

If you were on the winning team in our Trick or Treat event, this is your weekend to play your ×2 XP Weekend and Decal Missions!


Nov. 18-25: Frontline 2019: Episode 10

The final Episode of 2019!

Join 30 vs. 30 combat on a 9 km² map as attackers or defenders. Use Combat Reserves, Resupply Points, and respawns while collecting Prestige Points that can earn Reward Vehicles. If you don’t have a Tier VIII vehicle that’s required to participate, check out our Premium discount offers!


Nov. 20-Dec. 9: On Track Missions

Earn the Soviet heavy tank!

We show you the way to work up the Soviet Tech. Tree to earn a powerhouse Tier X heavy tank: The Object 705A!


Nov. 22-30: Black Friday Specials (Partial List)

It’s that time of year!

We’ve got sweet deals leading up to Thanksgiving, and it hits critical mass on Black Friday with a 48-hour barrage of special bundles! Here are some of the offers — keep an eye open for more special deals:

  • Nov. 22-25: BT-SV — A 20% discount on the Soviet Tier III light tank bundle!
  • Nov. 25-30: Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat. — A 20% discount on the German Tier V medium tank bundle!
  • Nov. 28-30: Black Friday Specials — Decal bundles, “Shadow” tanks, and a 115+ vehicle monstrosity simply called “The Feast!”