WoT Supertest- M18 (90)


Half of autumn is over, but for the M18 (90), an American Tier VII tank destroyer, everything is just about to begin. Let’s see whether it has chances to succeed in Supertest!

In a nutshell, it’s a Hellcat but moved to Tier VII. It’s 90mm gun causes 240 points of damage on average. A standard AP shells penetrates 167 mm of enemy armor, while a special APCR goes further and will make a dent in the opposing vehicle 203 mm deep. The dispersion and aiming time are quite satisfying and make 0.35 at 100 m and 1.7, respectively. As for the view range it is 370 m.

Let’s touch upon its survivability, because regardless of how good you are at firing, what matters is whether you are good at surviving or not. So, to keep your 800 hit points intact, you will have to excel at the art of positioning as, let’s face it, the vehicle has cardboard-thick armor reaching up to 12 mm in the hull and up to 127 mm in the turret. However, the TD’s mobility makes up for its lame armor easily, with a max speed reaching 72 km/h and a power-to-weight ratio of 23.5 hp/t.


Summing up, the М18 (90) provides for a familiar gameplay typical of a dynamic TD that’s at its best when used in the ambush role. To make the best of this American, take the most advantageous position (the TD can do it quickly) and then keep adapting yourself to the situation and follow the allies while supporting them at a distance.