WoT Blitz – The German Juggernaut E 75 TS

The E 75 TS boasts a thick sloped front, side screens, and an extremely strong turret. Its fast-firing gun inflicts high damage per minute, aims quickly, and strikes its target accurately. This even-keeled German juggernaut rips the enemy defense open like a tin can! Get the superheavy E 75 TS, demolish your foes, and earn lots of credits!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrOPCKBkbJU?enablejsapi=1&origin=https%3A%2F%2Fwotblitz.com]

Eagle Legendary Camouflage

This warpaint represents the predatory nature of the E 75 TS at its finest. The tank keeps a watchful eye on the battlefield, patiently stalking before single-mindedly chasing its prey. It strikes with pinpoint accuracy and in cold blood, digging its deadly claws into the victim’s armor.

The Eagle Legendary camouflage costs 1,450, is effective on all map types, does not require replenishment, and changes the tank’s name in battle to the E 75 TS Eagle. Attack the enemy like a merciless predator!

Irrepressible Power

Is it that irrepressible? Strong armor? How much? And what about the fast-firing gun? For answers to these and other questions, check the precise numbers of the E 75 TS stats.

The E 75 TS is first and foremost durable armor. Its upper armor plate and turret front are almost invulnerable for standard shells of medium tanks and most Tier VIII heavies. The enemy will need at least 245 mm of penetration to damage the turret front, while the upper armor plate will be a tough nut to crack for even most Tier X guns!

The weak spot is the tank’s lower armor plate. It can be easily penetrated, so whenever possible, hide behind cover or destroyed tanks. The terrain can also help. The 10-degree gun depression angle allows the E 75 TS to play in the American style. If there is no such opportunity, then approach your opponent head-on! When going toe-to-toe, the guns of most enemies simply cannot reach the lower armor plate, while the E 75 TS penetrates the defenseless top of the enemy’s turret.

Another way for the E 75 TS to block damage is to sidescrape behind cover. In this position, the lower armor plate is hidden and the 120 mm side with its 15 mm shield is perfectly sloped for ricocheting. It’s the perfect situation. You deal damage while taking none! The only drawback to this tank is that the front of its suspension can sometimes be penetrated, so it’s better for you not to stay in the same place for a long time. Also, remember to always keep a Repair Kit on you.

The gun of the E 75 TS deals 2,086 damage per minute, among the best rates for Tier VIII heavy tanks. Combined with provisions and equipment, the E 75 TS can deal damage up to 2,400 HP! When you take aim at your opponent, its HP will melt as quickly as ice cream on a hot day!

The E 75 TS penetrates the hulls of most Tier VIII heavies with ease in spite of its modest 215 mm of penetration. However, it may experience some difficulties when dealing with the Tiger II or Tier IX vehicles. In this case, use APCR shells.

The gun of the E 75 TS features high accuracy, quick aiming, and small reticle dispersion when moving and turning the hull or the turret. Combined with strong armor, this means you’ll be able to unleash the full potential of the E 75 TS’ impressive firepower: play aggressively, hit frequently, and achieve penetration even when moving at full speed!

The engine of the E 75 TS has a difficult task to perform. It needs to move a huge 85-ton machine! It huffs and puffs, using all 780 horsepower to work, but it copes with its task with dignity, accelerating the tank to 20 km/h in 4-5 seconds and to 30 km/h in 10 seconds.

A price must be paid for the armor of the E 75 TS, which is its low power-to-weight ratio and slow chassis. A close encounter with a quick maneuverable tank may prove to be fatal. Use  Improved Control or  Engine Accelerator and take  Standard or  Improved Fuel when going into battle, and then enable  Engine Power Boost when carouselling. Everything that can increase engine power or hull traverse speed also increases your chances of survival.

Such a heavy mass has its pros for the E 75 TS. If you happen to meet an unfortunate, lightly armored fellow on your way, just ram it without remorse! Successful ramming will deprive the opponent of 100-350 HP. You won’t be able to resist laughing maniacally when a careless light tank explodes after bumping into you!

The E 75 TS was made for fighting face-to-face on the frontline with the most dangerous opponents. It’s an armored wedge that you can force through the enemy’s defense shell by shell, breaking through and paving the way to victory for your allies and yourself.