Caliber – Open Test is Live!

The open weekend has now started.
There are no failures so far. Game version: 0.1.1 You can only download and play through the WGC.

Recall that everyone who plays more than 10 fights during the Open Weekend will be presented with the unique beta test participant logo. It will be awarded to players immediately after the start of open beta testing.

Open weekends will run from October 11, 12:00 (Moscow time) to October 14, 11:00 (Moscow time). When they are completed players who participated in the tests and already had access before will retain access, as well as those who bought early access kits.

0 thoughts on “Caliber – Open Test is Live!

  1. How to download it? I can\’t find it in WGC, only WoT, WoWP, WoWS, Pagan Online and Steel Division is listed.

        1. Answering my own question with a negative. I installed the game to check, but no go with an EU account, and I don\’t care for a RU/CIS account.

  2. overall very enjoyable, i think the main thing is the number of missions and mode will need to go up with every patch… i feel this is vary well done game.

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