WoT EU – FV1066 Senlac for Sale



Inspired by the army gathered by Harold Godwinson on the Senlac Hill before the famous Battle of Hastings, where the Brits bravely fought William the Conqueror, the FV1066 Senlac is a tenacious opponent, as mentioned in our guide.

This brand-new British Tier VIII light tank features a rear-mounted oscillating turret, supported by a super-fast chassis with great top and reverse speed. At the beginning of the battle, scout ahead and get more aggressive as battlefield unfolds its secrets. You can count on good armour penetration, a decent stabilisation and short aiming time for that.

Moreover, if you’re lucky enough to intercept lightly armoured vehicles, use your devastating HE shells! With 280 points of damage, 90 mm of penetration and a nice velocity of 1,020 meters per second, these rounds are particularly nasty when used correctly.

Try out all these features with one of the packages below, and note that the Ultimate and Supreme bundles come with a crew trained for this vehicle and featuring enough XP for 1 or 2 skills/perks, respectively.

Supreme – 99.99
Ultimate – 49.99

Standard – 25.07

  • VIII FV1066 Senlac
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot
  • +1 FV1066 Senlac rental code

0 thoughts on “WoT EU – FV1066 Senlac for Sale

    1. They are actually really effective.
      With that fast shooting gun, it’s the most powerful HE firepower among all tier 8 light tank.
      DPM raises above 3k, with a 90mm pen…
      I won’t be using my once beloved paper armored german lights for a while….

    1. I would assume to give to other people so that they can try the tank themselves. Not the worst idea; let’s people try the tank without royally messing up MM like the mass rentals they gave everyone when the Mutz came out.

  1. If you got a M41… either… you do not need any other light.
    Cant see anything this does better and even IF you were to say “well for british crews“…
    multinational tanks are RIGHT around the corner soooooooo……..

  2. One day WG makes the guy from sales actually play 1k battles on the tank he promotes.

    Then you see like “Honest trailers“ :

    “Buy this sh*t box of a tank… Mediocre or worse… Feeble HE shells…“

  3. Meanwhile, go check the stats of the HE shell of the HWK 12, more precisely the shell speed.
    It’s literaly a meme generator at tier 8…
    I mean, all I ask is balance, at least some balance…. sigh… yeah yeah, I know, i’ll keep dreaming…

  4. Interesting take on history, it wasn’t the British who opposed the Normans in 1066… Explains a lot about Wargaming’s grasp of historical accuracy though!

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