WoT Patch 1.6.1 – Object 703 version II

It is interesting that with the release of the 3rd iteration of patch 1.6.1 Common Test the developers already added it openly to the game files in addition to the supertest. You understand how much they are in a hurry to add it to the base game. Therefore, most likely there will be few tests and the tank will soon be in release.

We are waiting for the release in one of the micropatches after 1.6.1, if not in patch 1.6.1 itself (October).
The technical characteristics of the supertest version of this machine differs from the characteristics of the public test version greatly. In the public test, the tank is nerfed and its performance characteristics are very similar to those of the Kirovets-1 (Unreleased tier 8 soviet premium)

– New performance characteristics in the game (not the final version!):
• reload time of guns;
• Preparation time for a double shot;
• Recharge lock time;
• Gun change time.

For Object 703 Option II, they amounted to: [CT3 1.6.1]:
• Gun reload time (1/2): 10/8 sec.
• Double shot preparation time: 4 sec.
• Recharge lock time: 7 sec.
• Changing guns: 5 sec.

For Object 703 Option II they amounted to: [Supertest]:
• Gun reload time (1/2): 13/13 sec.
• Double shot preparation time: 3.5 sec.
• Recharge lock time: 7 sec.
• Changing guns: 5 sec.

After firing with a doublet (immediately from 2 guns), it will be necessary to wait for the blocking time of 7 sec + 13 sec of reloading of 1 gun.

* Crew: 5 people on ST and 4 on CT.
** The armor of the tank also differs between CT3 1.6.1 and ST.