Object 703 Version II: Gun Marks Pictures




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    1. No, but that\’s the point. I know I was wondering if they were going to get it right or if it was going to be half-assed and either show up either on both sides of a single gun or both sides of both guns.

  1. Well, now we know for sure where Capt. Obvious is employed. Good work, Cap!

    And the hatches on this tank, do they open up and out, or maybe in?

  2. Also, I just got an angry mail from WG, they must be reading TAP constantly, day and night, and there it says something like: 128 of WG employees worked on this problem for five months, and for you it\’s all laughing matter, shits and giggles, grow up and so on…

  3. When can we change marks of excellence to stripes of different shapes and sizes?. All nations used stripes on their tanks. Let us customize our marks please. Some of the current ones are crap.

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