ACT Fibernet Announces Partnership with Wargaming

Indian ISP ACT Fibernet has announced a partnership with World of Tanks and World of Warships developer Wargaming. A big role of the partnership is to push Wargaming’s free-to-play multiplayer games to an Indian market. As part of the partnership, ACT Fibernet is introducing new ‘Gaming Packs’ – Internet plans that will supposedly be great for gaming.

ACT Fibernet’s ‘Gaming Packs’, however, might raise a big flag when it comes to violating the ever-fragile rules of Net Neutrality. As part of the Gaming Pack, subscribers will be able to use the SpeedBoost feature, pushing their Internet connection up to 300 Mbps instantly. The US has notably seen a few ISPs attempting to push fast lanes for specific services in the past, and on a fundamental level, these fast lanes stand against the core tenets of Net Neutrality.

However, ACT Fibernet seems to be in something of a gray area here, since the SpeedBoost allows for 300 Mbps speeds for anything Internet-related, not just specific games or services.

The Gaming Packs will also offer some in-game rewards for World of Warships.


ACT Fibernet also seems to be collaborating with other gaming companies, offering some discounts for games on Games the Shop, Zotac’s graphics cards, and Western Digital’s storage devices.

Source: IGN India