WoT EU – Security Improvements for Card Purchases

Before you continue: The changes below only affect online purchases done by your bank or credit card. If you make purchases online by phone or pre-paid cards, such as paysafecard, this change won’t affect you.


Due to recent changes to EU legislation, payment providers added a number of security changes, namely the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) procedure. These changes are to protect your bank account from fraudulent use – find more information on how that’s done below. SCA will be effective from:

–> 14 September <–

What changes for me?

Only one thing: with the introduction of SCA come multi-factor authentications, for example, 3D Secure (3DS) for higher payment security. Depending on your bank, this can include a PIN or password set by you and a second authentication through your bank, to be verified on another device (e.g. your phone). Some even allow a facial/thumb scan.

Once you’ve set up your authentication methods, you have the option to whitelist sellers you trust – this may not be available from the very beginning because your bank needs to set up this option manually first. This is a so-called exemption. If you make a purchase at a trusted seller, the SCA and 3DS should not come into effect.

If an online seller proves to be very trustworthy, they can apply for automatic exemptions for low-value (less than €30) purchases. The “trust” is determined through a fraud-to-payment ratio: the fewer fraudulent transactions happen on a seller’s platform, the more trustworthy they are.

How payments work now

  • In the Premium Shop, you select an item and select a payment method
  • When paying with your card, you enter your card number, its expiry date, and the three-digit number on the back of your card
  • New: Then, your bank will ask you to authenticate your purchase, either through their own app on your phone or through a one-time password by SMS. This entirely depends on the bank you’re with
  • After the multi-factor authentication stage, the transaction continues as usual
If you’re unsure on how to proceed with the transaction after the security improvements, please contact our Player Support. They will assist you with any potential issue you might have.