WoT NA – Sherman VC Firefly: Tiger Killer


The U.K. Sherman VC Firefly is very similar to the U.S. M4A3E8 Sherman tank, except for one important aspect: It packs a 17-pound British cannon that has high damage per minute, decent damage per shot, and some of the highest penetration value for its Tier. The Firefly is also one of the few Tier VI vehicles that can be outfitted with a Vertical Stabilizer.

Historically, British gunner Joe Ekins’ Sherman VC Firefly is credited with taking out Michael Wittmann’s Tiger No. 007 (in addition to two other tanks) at Normandy on August 8, 1944. Wittmann was one of the most feared German tank commanders, as he is credited with destroying more than 100 enemy tanks. In keeping with this history, the Sherman VC Firefly has “12” on the turret, which was the number of the tank that scored that scored the fatal hit to Wittmann’s Tiger.

Take this vehicle onto the battlefield and take out some enemies of your own!

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Sherman VC Firefly

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Bundle Contents:

  • VI Sherman VC Firefly
  • 100%Crew
  • Garage Slot