WoT Supertest – AMR 35

Tank Festival is in full swing for you to cheer up as the summer is about to wave goodbye. But here is a completely different piece of news: The AMR, a French Tier II light tank, will be supertested in the short run.

Let’s take a quick look at the upcoming “testee”, starting with its weak sides.

Its survivability reaching 140 HP doesn’t allow the AMR to stand out against the same-tier vehicles. The poor armor and mediocre dynamics prevent the tank from either withstanding the damage or avoiding it. On the other hand, due to its small sizes, the AMR can take surprisingly unexpected positions.

Moving to its strong sides, let’s consider the gun: with its hire rate of fire and the reload and aiming time of 1.8 s, the AMR 35 can almost shower the enemy with shells when firing from a halt.

Summing up, the AMR 35 is a quintessential representative of low-tier light tanks. It’s a universal vehicle that performs consistently well in a variety of gameplay situations.

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  1. Hope they forgot a 1 infront of that engine power, with 12hp/ton it wont be doing 55, more like 25-30 unless downhill. And with no armor to speak of, it\’s just a Piñata that takes up a garage slot.

  2. Huh ? what\’s this for ? A gift ?
    Am I the only one who wants tech tree medium mid-tier french tank ?
    Like single shot mediums linking the Renault G1 to the AMX 30 prototype, from tier 6 to 8.
    I don\’t know, Put the Lorriane G1L at tier 5, and put the Renault G1R at tier 6 with the ARL 42 turret with the BDR G1B gun (playstyle would be like the italian). That would be a good start…
    And a tier 8 meduim tech tree autoloader with the same playstyle as the tier 9 and 10 Bat-Chat ?
    I don\’t know, something like an AMX CDC with a FL10 turret and the second gun of the tier 9 ?
    A 6 shot 240 alpha gun with a 40 sec or so reload would be awesome, and would be a go-to for people who are nostalgic of the tier 8 AMX 13 90…

    1. France didn’t have any tanks during WW2, pretty much. AMX50 and Lorr are prototypes, just like Batchats. Pretty much everything that was conceived by french tank engineering is in game in some shape. There is nothing to add. CDC is not even a medium tank, lol.

      1. Look at the Chinese TD line. It could be far better than that.
        A tank made up of \’\’what if\’\’ using existing ideas and/or real tank parts is far better than complete bs.
        Not as good as complete blueprints or existing tanks, but still…
        Exemple : The CDC never went into production, but there are easy to find detailed drawings. And we know that different french oscillating turrets were installed and tested on a lot of hull (including at least 2 american hulls, Chaffee and M4). A mass produced CDC ending up with an oscillating turret could have been a solid test possibility.
        And of course the CDC wasn\’t meant to be a classic medium tank, but considering its size and would be playstyle with an autoloader, it would fit to be a tier 8 before the tier 9 and 10 bat-chats. Hence the \’\’medium\’\’ title here.
        And that\’s just a quick idea, there may be better. But that\’s the points, there ARE possibilities that are not complete BS.
        Another example: The G1 tank. In game, there is the BDR G1B, and the Renault G1R. What about the SEAM G1P, the Lorraine G1L, or the Fouga G1F ? Big potential here. There are even articles of what could have become the best of this bunch, the G1R, during the war.
        Considering that there are T-34 and M4 hulls from tier 5 to 8, using the G1R hull from tier 6 to 8 would not be strange either, and there you go, the line is complete.

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