World of Tanks Supertest – Supertester rewards (Motivation System)

While ordinary players accumulate bonuses, wait for a bond store and play at Clan War events, WoT super testers were able to exchange 5.000 bonds for any of the ten promotions as part of their updated Motivation System (from September 2019).

The cost of any Clan Wars tank (M60, VK 72.01 (K), Object 907, T95E6, 121B, T95 / FV4201 Chieftain) = 5.000 bond.

However, there is one more condition – to participate in the supertest for 5 years or more (and also 1 similar tank only once a year). Not everyone can do it. Many newcomers leave in a month or two. And at the moment there are few such testers. But as they say, there is a precedent.

Below is the full updated motivation system and its rewards.

Via wotexpress

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest – Supertester rewards (Motivation System)

  1. By Super Testers in super test with new Vehicles/ rebalanced and etc with all the good stuff & rewards

    you really mean ..

    Russian RU server players only?
    and I mean \”only\” complete zero players from any other server region

    don\’t you?

      1. my dude, get your facts right before you post crap info, RU Russian players only are the only Super Testers – its common knowledge if you been playing WOT for few years or more .. have you?

  2. Maybe if they opened it up to other regions they wouldn\’t have \”such few testers\”. But then maybe then the new tanks would actually be balanced when they get to common test or live and WG can\’t have that.

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