World of Tanks Tank Festival – Tickets and How to Earn Them

With the Tank Festival having already begun (us non-RU server plebs will get the event tomorrow August 7th), players will be introduced to a new event currency called tickets. Earning those will allow you to purchase exclusive rewards and other goodies like dogtags. How to get tickets:

  • Completing daily missions
  • Frontlines:

Frontlines episode 7 in August: from August 19 to August 26.
Frontlines episode 8 in September: from September 16 to September 23.

• 🎫1 ticket for each level of the Front Line from the 15th to the 29th (total: 15 🎫 tickets).
• 🎫5 tickets for the 30th level of the Front Line.
• For 1 one-time increase in valor (level 30), they will give 4 components of a token for the Front Line.

  • Czech Holidays event (August 9th)
  • Steel Hunter (Battle Royale) [End of August]
  • Tank Races 2019 (September 23)