WoT – Secret leak hunt continues (More details)

If you hadn’t read the latest news, somebody affiliated with WG seems to run an account on twitter that time from time teases something new (likely an event containing a new gamemode) that is bound to come out in August. New details have since come out from the aforementioned person:

“Look at this. From this, in fact, it would be worth starting. ”
The post had another attached image:
And now, the very latest post contains quite interesting images:
I think that you can understand the basic message, but do not forget that numbers also matter!
These pictures directly relate to frontline in some way. Current meaning behind the numbers is unknown.
From latest posts, it could be that the account is made by WG to tease upcoming events in August, since this is bound to be a very important and action packed month for community as a whole.

0 thoughts on “WoT – Secret leak hunt continues (More details)

  1. The problem with WG in not the lack of modes or events, but the tendency to over-complicate and suck all fun out of such events, they try and try but all turns to endless boring hopeless grind fest most players abandon.

    Maybe they should hire a fun expert, local code punching experts think math equations are top fun.

    1. Its more so they overcomplicate things while fucking the rest of it up. Its like their brainstorming sessions for new ideas involve lots of strong alchohol and beating each other in the head with clubs until either the club or an idea pops into their skull.

    2. not really like this….its much more about fuckin P2W
      simple as that…

      they make grind idiotic complicated and hard but offer you a \”salvation\” if you PAY
      and unfortunately its not even all about that !
      the fucking P2W things tend more and more to be the ONLY WAY to finish their idiotic events…

      1. You realize that if you pay to skip gring it’s 100% not pay 2 win, right? Because, you know, you pay to skip grind.

        1. You mean pay gold / money to get improved equipment, which they told, it will never be buyable for real money? Thats, what you mean?

          1. Yea having the best equipment isnt going to make you any better if you\’re already trash.

            Next fail p2w arguement please.

            1. having better equipment really makes you a better player compared to another SAME SKILL LEVEL player.
              So how is this not p2w?

              sure, if you compare a top player with a poor player theres nothing to discuss. But if you compare 2 same players theres cristal clear that the one who fuckin PAY is simply better !

        2. you realize that in this Homefront event if you dont pay you have close to 0 fuckin chances to get bothrewards??

          you realize that in almost every single event from 2 years on, if you dont pay , yor only chance to finish them is to no-life WOT ??

          How is this not fuckin p2w ??

          i completely agree with faster progress, skip grind and so on…and yo ucan see a positive example in premium account.
          But all others…are just another level of idiotism and a completely another story…

          1. This is the only even when they did something like this. Good example is frontlines. You either grind or go fuck yourself.

            1. i can remind you Marathons wich are very simmilar with this one:
              – pay and get it
              – no-life it or lose \”your chance\”

              The only decent one was the one for TS5
              ALL others was just idiotic hard without your wallet.

  2. Also, an educated guess can be that Frontline mode will be open to tier 7 vehicles. Not exactly a world-changer, I would be much happier if they would let me play Frontline as it was at the first season: fun, profitable and easy.

    1. You can still make lot\’s of credits in FL, usualy with prem tanks, prem time and cred boosters you can make like 300k-400k profits like almost every game.

      1. Used to be a mil and a half… Profitability and rank progress nerfed hard, FL feels like a shitty boring grind to unobtainable mediocre price. Wait, what? That\’s how every WG event feels!

    2. Interesting idea (and probably correct) though with Frontline matches swimming in a soup of overpowered tier 8 premiums (that are basically tier 9 in disguise, some of them…) who\’d want to play tier seven vehicles?

  3. Tier 7 would suck, it\’s full of OP lights, soft heavies and the meds are tier 6.5 at best.

    1. If it involves frontlines it can only mean one thing, seeing as it\’s WG… They\’ll add a \’catchup\’ mechanic for those that haven\’t invested enough time. For money, naturally.

      Wallet warriors can be satisfied with their purchase of the Emil 1951.

  4. could it be \”ranked\” frontlines?
    it would make sense to have some type of system where the rewards increase the better you play in that gamemode

  5. Frontline Images = 7 session when will be added reserves for FL experiences
    8 session when will be added and avaible new tier 9 tank

  6. not sure homefront is even pay to skip grind.
    Ive paid to level 3 on the 3 russian teams, got all 3 tokens, because u get matched with level 1 players who face 10 waves with you, I\’m only averaging 33 points per 20 mins of grindfest.
    I still need the full 2000 so 2000/33 is 60x 20(mins)=1212/60(mins per hour)= 20 hours mind numbing boredom.

    I estimated 20 hours BEFORE I \”paid to skip grind\”.
    The WG information says once u have all 3 tokens the rind becomes easier, but I don\’t see it.
    Have not completed a single battle in level 3, and many level 1 teammates have lost all 3 of their tanks by the second wave.

    1. why don\’t you form platoon? tons of players looking for level 3 tanks in general chat……I myself am going the \”hard\” way (without paying),now I am working thru level 2 west and I haven\’t lost a single battle nor have I been fighting against level 3 difficulty

  7. no, am on the red headed step child WG server, we can gather 1-2 other level 3 players in a platoon, but not all. we have had a level 1 player in every single battle ever, and im now halfway to 2000 points, without ever winning level 3. 33-57 points maximum per battle.

  8. I\’d go a different way with those 7 and 8 images. After all, early players have accounts from 2011, and that means 8 years this year… I think it might be a new emblem for those old accounts, a.k.a. another \”Well Deserved Reward\” like last year.

    For tickets, I have no clue.

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