WoT – Secret leak hunt (New game mode teased)

#Update 1: Twitter account received another post

The creator of the site and mobile application WoTBase noticed that in the last micropatch in one of the update files (localization file) someone added strange lines. In the localization file lootboxes there is a trace, reading:

Twitter_Account_SPECIAL SanyaTranslate
<TOREMOVE.Leaks!> Twitter_Account_SPECIAL

Initially, the lootboxes file itself is responsible for the text for the New Year boxes o and in the last micropatch it stitched lines that contain a link to a Twitter account.

Was this made by single developer or is it an intentional easter egg entirely from WG, is unknown. Also in the lines there is a mention of Leaks, which implies that he will drop something.

And so, we go to Twitter itself, the first information has already appeared there.
Sanya @SanyaTranslate, the page was registered in July 2019 and initially contained 1 post, which was released on July 25, on the day of the micropatch itself:

“Where to begin?..”

Then, yesterday, a new post was published.

“Well, for starters, here. Although in reality this is not the beginning and not the end, but the very middle. ”And the picture for the post:


According to the published picture, who discovered all this suggests that we are talking about about a new mode, which should appear in the already event packed month of August.

Day later, another post was uploaded, this time it says this:
“Look at this. From this, in fact, it would be worth starting. ”
The post had another attached image:
The meaning behind this is unknown. Speculation: announcement at one of WG’s events, like WGFest, or a tease of some new currency or microtransaction.

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  1. Oh no, the last thing we need is furry faggots in this game

  2. I would not be surprised if this is an RU only event. As it\’s not the first time they have done something \”mystic\” like this.

      1. The pay 2 win skip needs to end.. And get these mobile micro transaction\’s out of here…

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