WoT – Battle for the “The Final Frontier”. (New PvE event)

Intelligence reports that the enemy is armored to strike your positions. Command order: to hold lines at any cost!


Soon you will find a new PvE event. Choose one of the units and fight side by side with other players against the advancing waves of enemies under the control of artificial intelligence.

The enemies are many and your chances of victory slim. Will you be able to survive this last stand?

Team-based PVE battles are coming to World of Tanks – stay tuned for more details to be revealed soon!


Meet the enemy fully armed!

0 thoughts on “WoT – Battle for the “The Final Frontier”. (New PvE event)

    1. Now let\’s try and get an answer from someone who\’s not a complete retard

      1. How about you fuck off and go back into the whole where you\’ve came from?

              1. *cum

                Also its obviously a PVE event for WoT PC.
                So chill your tits brah.
                I think it will be fun.

          1. Your father should have used a sock instead of your mom\’s vagina

  1. finally…just hope is not with some imbecile special tanks for both, players and enemys
    hopefully armor will be relevant here because BOTS CANT PAY TO WIN !!

    1. Do you think bots can not use premium ammo?
      Premium ammo will cost nothing for bots. 😉

      Luckily, WG will program bots to lose, so players will be happy.

      1. of course they can, but i really do not expect since Wg advertise their game as a F2P GAME.
        This cant be true if bots are set to use premium things 😉

    2. unfortunately they can, on the Southeast Asia server they often have to fill matches with bots, on low population hours, and they aim for weakpoints but also use gold ammo, Jingles showed that last month in a video

    1. no its not…mainly because pvp game is fked up due to imbecile p2w balance
      sad but true…

      1. What did I say to you man!! I am not the one arguing with you over the console comments up top. Read the poster\’s name before jumping in with abusive language.

        1. You should read the poster\’s name as well because that guy who replied to you wasn\’t me.

      2. I’ve informed QB about the fact that you are abusing his name here. Sent him a PM and also on his twitch stream (for everyone to see…) Good job putting this site in jeopardy, twat.

  2. Make use of your eBay accounts, a perfect opportunity. And enjoy the obligatory reports.

      1. @Bulldog_Drummond; Can you uninstall and play something else? People with your stats are killing this game and ruining it for everyone else. Uninstall, please.

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