WoT – Frontlines respawn time

WG has promised shortening the respawn time in frontlines from 30s to 10s, as of episode 6 this hasn’t been implemented yet, although featured in WoT’s public news articles as a feature.

“10 seconds will be back in the August episode.
Removed from the news. We apologize for the excessive haste. ”

0 thoughts on “WoT – Frontlines respawn time

  1. Wargame is STUCK forever with a Grind/ Marathon/ Grind/ Reward? Grind and Grind more mentality meme …………
    until your so fucking BORED with frontlines!

    and then Wargame has lost a Really good game meme
    through fucking STUPIDITY

    and of course all that greed ~ Premium T8 \”\”\”\”Specials\”\”\”

    that are NOT special

    Wargame needs a New Content ~ Gameplay head Manager and soon

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