0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Developer Diaries: Disabling Friendly Fire

  1. So teammates can troll block you all game now, and arty will be stunning allies a lot more.

  2. I kind of like this change to be honest, but if they turn off team damage, they should also turn of team stun 🙂

    1. And then if they reverse it most comments will be against that too. The WOT player base just likes to whine.

  3. 1 pt health tanks can now just pin enemy tanks for arty and take the stun..

      1. I kind of expect to be able to see the difference, but in todays society guys looks like girls and girls looks like guys and guys have boobs and girls have wieners. Let\’s be happy that other animals are still mentally healthy, otherwise we will soon have roosters sitting on eggs……….

  4. I prefer team damage in the game, though with the credit cost much much higher. A repeat offender could be bankrupted.
    There will still be trolls who find loopholes

  5. This is not good move. I would keep it there. This will cause that trolls will be trolling more without any penalty. I would instead increase the punishment (especially in case that the \”evildoer\” would do that intentionally). That would be the right way how to reduce the level of toxicity that is seen in the game now.

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