WoT EU – Get Ready for our Summer Sales


As much as we love the sun, beaches, and barbecues, what would summer be without proper sales? Starting 8 July at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), be on the lookout for great sales on the best Premium vehicles out there.

Every other day, you’ll have new tanks to pack in your garage, through greatly discounted bundles, featuring nice extras or just the necessary – there’s one offer for every type of tanker!

So keep your eyes peeled for more information and make space in your garage right now, as new vehicles will surely fill it!

0 thoughts on “WoT EU – Get Ready for our Summer Sales

  1. No,no, unless I can uncheck the Frankenstein paper tanks from my game there will be no money going to WOT. It can be a fun game, bit I fear it\’s facing it\’s twilight.

    1. Ahhhh…sure…but i depends on what tanks are in offer, and by the price…:-)

  2. so tired of NA getting screwed now. ffs what about our sales. and there highly discounted bundles will not be .

  3. WOT definition of sales slightly differ, they mean \”We will offer you crappy pixel tanks, bundled with other non-tangible crap, for a zero discount, now totally new – in black!\”

    Hell, they managed to make premiums obsolete, by buffing the game around them, that is something.

    But people keep eating it up, don\’t forget to trade-in!

  4. Judging from how stubborn WG is with the premium ammo rework, and their refusal to remove the premium ammo concept entirely and make all shells cost the same – they won\’t get a single penny from me. At the same time I\’m not surprised, this is classical WG customer tactics. They put a shit rework in one hand, and then some attractive bundles in the other hand to make the players forget about the other hand.

    1. Did you even red the section \”economy\”? They won\’t make economical changes before they finalized the concept. And as they want to keep the balance of income and expenses this can totally mean that basic repair cost goes up and shell costs go down. If the game is as shitty as you always express in your comments why do you still play it?

      1. Yes I read it. And they don\’t even mention any change to the cost of premium ammo. That alone is already a mistake. They\’re making an overcomplicated change and putting themselves into a balancing nightmare, yet they\’ve not even begun changing one of the core problems with premium ammo which is the high cost. Yet here you are, trying to paint a pretty image out of a rediculous situation. Did WG pay you well?
        And regarding your last sentence. First of all, I\’ve never said that the entire game is shit. The game itself has enourmus potential, and the core concept of the game is great. But WG is not making use of the games full potential, and on top of that, they have a lot of stupid mechanics in the game. Secondly, if you had actually checked some data before making claims, you\’d have noticed that my most recent battle was 5 days ago, and if you where even more observant, you\’d have noticed that in the last 30 days, I have only played 164 battles. That\’s not even 6 full battles every day. Compared to how much I used to play this game, one could say that I have almost stopped playing it already.
        So why do I still play? I guess I\’m still naive that WG will one nice day fix the game, and thus I want to atleast make some progress in the game when there\’s stuff like x4 or premium account etc.
        And for your information, I\’m not always bashing WG. When WG makes good decisions, for example things like blueprints, crew xp books, improved premium account, 6th sense for free, I\’m actually defending WGs decisions. But my opinion is not static, it will vary depending on what decision WG takes.

      2. ahh a fanboy of Wargame
        I was once as well if I\’m being honest

        however 5 years on and countless bullshit and blatant lies from Wargame
        ~ and there last 2 years of heavy Premium Shop sales for more ever more profits while still
        lying and bull shitting us

        I don\’t believe hardly anything that WG say anymore
        the \’new\’ MM is still as shit as it always was, is
        the Russian object/ bobject bias is still as bad as always, is

        balance WG says this a lot ~ translation, WG really mean \”Bank Balance\”

  5. New! Discount sales & bundles
    translation from Crap PR Wargame speak to plain English

    World of Premium Tanks

    Even more and SAME as before nothing different Premium Tank sales all sold with Bundles of expensive crap, you have seen all year long and last year as well

    But! worded & pictures a little different so as \’we think you wont notice\’ its the same old same old same Bundles sales pitch as before .

  6. Those people in that photo must be giants! The TOG II was over 10 meters long and 3 meters high and wide.

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