WoT Supertest – Tier IX British light tank GSOR3301 AVR FS

Supertest has received a second British light tank vehicle, the tier IX AVR FS

GSOR3301 AVR FS. The short name is GSOR. Should come out in the patch after 1.6. Rather small in size. Full technical stats and comparisons below.

Crew: 3 people (commander, gunner, driver).

GSOR3301 AVR FS is one of the variants of a light tank which was prepared in the 60s. The project considered various versions of the machine – with different weapons, engines, turrets. Works were curtailed at the stage of preparation of project documentation.

Tier IX British Light Tank GSOR3301 AVR FS Full stats


Main armament: 90mm Cockerill;

Shells  –M310 AP / T312 APFSDS / T342 HE;

Alpha damage  240/240/320;

Penetration values – 232/254/42;

Damage per minute – 1548;

Rate of fire –  6,45 (9,3 s. reload);

Shell velocity – 1020 m/s (AP);

Gun accuracy – 0.345;

Aim time – 1.82 s.

Aim circle spread –

  • after shot – 3,356;
  • on turret traverse – 0,096;
  • on tank movement – 0,153;
  • on tank traverse – 0,153;

Gun depression – 10 degrees;


View range – 390;

Camouflage values –

  • Stationary 32,9 %;
  • On movement 32,9 %;
  • During shooting while stationary 7,83 %;
  • On movement while shooting – 7,83 %;


Engine power – 250;

Vehicle traverse speed – 43

Specific power ratio – 37,19 hp/t;

Maximum speed –

  1. forwards 65 km/h;
  2. backwards 25 km/h;

Terrain resistances –

  • on hard terrain – 0,767;
  • on medium Terrain –0,863;
  • on soft terrain – 1,342;


Hull front / side – 35mm / 25 mm;

Turret front / side – 70 mm / 30 mm;


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  1. While the Manticore is definitely a historical design, does anyone know anything about this one?

    1. its name gives us many clues, « GSR 3301 » (General Staff Requirement 3301) was the base for the CVR development
      « AVR » is another project from the 60\’s, before the Scorpion, from where we got the Excalibur (reward) but there were several other concepts, including a fire-support (FS?) concept

      the shape of the hull gives us another clue, it is remarkably similar to the FV4333 Stormer APC

      the Tier 9 is either one of many concepts OR the adaptation of one based on \”intentions\”/proposals found in the official documents

      you can find more on this link


      1. I\’m still curious why this one is named GSOR 3301 and the Setter is named just GSR 3301. Why that extra O?

        1. most likely because the GSR 3301 is only a set of requirements for what the RA was looking for the role, the link I posted above talks about the many different projects and the Setter is just one of those concepts
          although they did not include it that concept was published in a book before, the author is a former director of The Tank Museum and he even added « clearly foreshadowed the Scorpion », he of course did not name it Setter but that may have come from another document
          in this scan below you can see a concept on the bottom right corner, compare it to the Setter and you will notice how they look almost exactly the same, even the overly large sight on the right side of the turret
          you will notice that the other 3 concepts were in the link I posted above, there it is written that the GSR 3301 was published in 1964 which is the same year of the \”Setter\” concept and all part of the CVR (and later CVR[T] requirement)

          in the end we won\’t have the Scorpion officially in the game but we will have 3 concepts that resulted from its development, although they were likely \”balanced\” to fit the respective tiers and probably have some \”less than original\” setups

  2. I am increasinly wondering, what niche these things are supposed to fill. That abysmal DPM for nothing in exchange is just bonkers.

    1. When the ELC EVEN first got out, so many complained that it was shit, and that the gun was worthless due to gun handling, etc…
      Then people started to realise that this litttle thing functions very well if you use its 2 strenghs : small size and camo.
      I guess the same thing will happen here with the new british light tanks…

      1. ELC EVEN 90 is still not worth its price tag.

        While its spotting abilities are noteworthy, how many are the maps you can use them to their fullest?

        The gun is also terrible:

        >220HP for a 90mm gun (the standard is 240).
        >27s reload for only 3 shots = low DPM.
        >Intra-clip reload is higher than 2s (once more, the standard for a 90mm/240 is 2s).

        Subtle changes that make the vehicle questionable at other roles.

          1. Had the exact same thought just before I read your comment. This looks like a T9 HWK, even has all the same drawbacks.

        1. HI !
          Do you realise that the ELC EVEN is second only to the OP LT-432, for the winrate ? (for all tier 8 lights)

          1. Tank\’s winrate has much to do with who plays it and even a 3-shot autoloader is a power-multiplier and this tank lacks it.
            I\’ve been playing the HWK12 extensively and got pretty good at it, before I stopped playing alltogether and I can tell you, that a T9 version with just slightly better accuracy (but worse dispersion) and just slightly more mobility with 20m less view range and 350 less DPM, is not worth getting 250ish pen and 1000m/s shells. It won\’t be unplayable for a good player, but it is a tank with no leverage.

            1. Yeah, I partially agree. Everything will depend on the usefulness of the camo values. If it\’s not great, this will be trash as you say, for sure.

              1. I take it back, I thought the base camo was really good, ELC EVEN like, but it\’s not. You\’re right, it\’s trash. I wonder how they will fix this. I mean, high pen cannot justify all these flaws ! (if they fix it of course…)

  3. Sooo… no dpm, no hp, no viewrange…
    Camo is good, but RU is only slightly worse, has higher top speed and 20m viewrange…

  4. Forgive me but the name of this tank will not be remembered as Gsor, but as ……Fack-sake (FS).
    Fack-sake tank.

  5. So the gist of this thing is that it is an HWK 12 with a better gun but worse viewrange, in Tier 9.

    I\’m… not sure many will enjoy it, afaik HWK is already one of the worse LTs (actually, I have yet to hear good things about any of the German LTs).

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