World of Tanks – 27th June micropatch

4th micropatch so far, WG seems to have seriously broken their game somewhere.

Patch Notes: 

  • Fixed the issue where vehicle modules were not sold from the Depot.
  • Fixed some technical issues.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – 27th June micropatch

  1. Patch #4 already

    no not really a surprise as WOT is more broken each time with every new \’monthly\’ update
    that nobody asks for …

    just surprised its only the 4 micro patches
    WG they could do 10 micro patches a month and WOT would still be the broken 4 minute turbo
    tank cartoon frustration game mess we now get

  2. 1 lasting BUG, no one talk about:
    in STORE when trying to select compatible equipment for your vehicle, the search field (upper right corner of the screen) does not work for ages.
    and it used to work once.
    For instance let\’s say you want to see for your Panther II what is the compatible equipment: before you just typed \”pantherII\” in the field and press the suggestion that appeared. now it\’s not working.

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