World of Tanks Supertest – ST-II

The developers of World of Tanks are testing the mechanics of double mouse (Left and right mouse buttons acting as “fire!”) on their internal focus tests – several participants of such tests told us at once.

Little details yet. But in the photo is already a finished prototype, called: ST-I 02. The tank itself is already in HD with two guns, then only you can draw conclusions. Yes, veterans will immediately remember ST-II  with two barrels and they will be absolutely right. While it is not entirely clear, is the new mechanic dedicated for a special mode or for random battles, but most likely it is for the latter.

Right now there are 2 working concepts from which the choice will be made exactly how these 2 guns will work. The first tests were carried out last week with a group of supertesters.

It sounds good and this is probably one of the most anticipated and interesting mechanic by the players.

It is also interesting that the current client is able and supports this two-cannon mechanic (two guns).
Types of shooting: you can immediately shoot two guns and wait a cooldown of 10-17 seconds (alternative), or you can prepare a shot (charge) in advance, 5-7 seconds.

For historicity, do not worry, everything is strictly within.

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  1. Looking badass. Probably a 440 dmg each, but a good 5 second dispersion after firing to balance it out.

  2. just not 1 and 2 mouse buttons for fire

    i use 2nd button for sniper mode -,-…dont fck it !

    just implement it like that american tier 3 LT and its fine…

      1. The system for shooting multiple barrels will likely also have to cover the tanks with multiple turrets with different calibers… If we only get to have 1 system the WoWS system might not be the best (but maybe it is)

        1. WoWS only works because of the distance to stuff for engagements like WoT WoWS might not work unless its implemented well. Or they could implement multiple control styles for personal preference.

  3. I don\’t see how they will balance that to make it so the tank is neither overpowered nor useless.

    And since this tank is Russian, they\’ll probably lean on the OP side…

    1. Same as Progetto – one by one shell – worse than single shot guns. Two shells – worse than autoloaders, you get punished for going with both shots. But burst when needed – nice, and then long reload.

      If they lower alpha to 390 it will be actually good with 7/17s reload.

  4. Oh FFS not another tier 10 to be replaced. WG can you stop messing around with tanks that people has spend months of their time to grind? I don\’t want this stupid sci-fi tank, I\’d rather take the IS-4 as it\’s right now. Even better if you buff the IS-4 but please don\’t replace it.

    1. ST-II isn\’t sci-fi, it was an actual design proposal by the Russians. Which being a design proposal is a lot realer than a lot of other tier 9 & 10\’s.

      1. And even if we don\’t consider the realism, I grinded an IS-4, not this abomination :/ To be honest, I like my IS-4, I\’d be happy if they just buffed it a bit 🙂

  5. That third photo, looking down the barrels. So derpy.
    On another note, this will be either very good, or very-very bad. Though it\’s Soviet, so the question of which one it is, is already answered.

  6. I\’m more excited for other tanks like Maus, Churchill, B1, O-I hell even M3 Lee, that might be changed and new tanks like FCM F1 or T-35 can be added if tests are successful.

    Cause the game can support it, we know that from an old April fool\’s event, just need to find a way to balance it.

    1. For most of the Tanks you mentioned it would be pointless. The only existing tank that would benefit from it would be the MTLS.

      Most of the other\’s secondary gun(s) are either machine guns (which serve no purpose in this game), or really low calibers for their tier (Maus for example) which would make the gun useless save for tracking (then they would become OP because permatracking) or damaging light ennemies (same deal, impossible to balance without nerfing the main gun a lot).

      And for tanks like the B1 for which the gun is fixed, it\’s simply unusable in the game, too fast paced, not enough time to aim, too random when you account for RNG, in the end that\’s too much effort for zero benefit beside added confusion for the player.

      Twin barrels are one thing, multi-turrets and multi-canons are another entirely. It\’s easier to balance the thing when it\’s just two (or more) of the same gun, you adapt each barrel to an equal level and compare it to other tanks of the same tier. When you have multiple calibers with multiple placements on the vehicle and multiple stats, it becomes nearly impossible for a game like WoT (even in War Thunder those don\’t really serve a purpose beyond lowtier and light armor, and WT isn\’t an arcade game like WoT).

      1. Well, the secondary armament of the maus for sure is not really useful – 75mm with that mobility would not even work on a light tank. On the other hand we also have tanks like the Panzerkampfwagen 58 Mutz that has his 90mm main gun but also a 20mm machinegun – in this case it could be useful using the maingun versus heavy/med/td and the machinegun against the thin lights.

        The idea has technically potential but actually only would be useful on a hand full of tanks.

      2. There\’s a lot of paper thin tanks, even at high tiers, that would make secondary guns useful. Maus with it\’s short 75mm could do a good damage these, or keep any other tank tracked for longer, so prevent it from running away, or even to simply destroy objects to expose hidden enemy. B1 howitzer could utilize siege mode used by Swedish TD\’s, making the tank a lot more deadly frontally. M3 Lee\’s 37mm gun in the top turret, considering it\’s tier 4, would be perfectly adequate weapon too, and if given APCR ammunition have about 70mm penetration and 40 damage. Quite a boost to the overall firepower.

    2. Multi gun/multi turret support is more of a niche thing and they\’ve talked about how its an extremely low priority thing.

  7. My Theory.
    Its obviously going to become the next flavor of the week tank while replacing the IS4. The IS4 then becomes the 4th legacy tank alongside the 183, 155, and 215b. Doing it this way makes them a lot of money because people spend more to rush towards and get the IS4 with the added benefit of not having to buff the IS4 at all. Secondly they earn a lot from people wanting to get the STII after the patch release.

    1. Is-4 is historical, it could just be sent back to tier 9 where it originally was. It would fit perfectly here, finally capable and relevant. Like they did with the 263 when they \”replaced\” it with the 268v4, removing the 122-54 (now ST-1) in the process.

      1. The difference is the 263 line was a different circumstance with a crappier tier 9 than the 10. The IS4 line has an amazing tier 10 but a dogshit tier 10 heavy so downtiering the IS4 makes little sense and would likely cause balance issues. The simplest and best solution would just be to make the IS4 a legacy tank while replacing it with ST2 then be done with it.

        1. Typos…meant to say IS4 line has an amazing tier 9 and a crappy tier 10

          wish we could fucking edit comments.

  8. Just don\’t give it 2 different buttons to fire, it would feel very awkward, especially the right mouse button which is already used to lock the turret while free looking and locking on a target. Simply let us use the same button for both cannons and make it fire like an autoloader does.

  9. I don\’t like where this is going. 🙁

    I mean, yes the IS-4 line is underpowered and we all know it, but alpha and DPM are growing far too much – reminder that WG is testing a drastic increase in standard ammo alpha damage (and a global buff to tank health that, however, I don\’t think will be enough to compensate for the increased alpha).

    So a tank with two M62-T2 guns for a total of 880 average damage if both shots penetrate… yeah, I\’d rather they do something else to buff the IS-4 line.

  10. BAD idea.
    My rmb… Is for locking the turret!

    Rather tap tap
    Or swap barrel button.
    Idk. Shit idea to use two fire buttons

    Ps do love my sti

  11. As another user said, make it how WoWS has their firing, where you an fire single turret, or multi-salvo. Im curious with the balance department on this thing without it being either game breaking or just another tank to not bother with outside of a gimmick. If it is OP i wont be surprised if advances/cws are full of them. Alternatively, they can give some slightly smaller cannons and give it a dpm like the 705A.

    1. It would work only with this particular twin barreled ST-II. I\’m guessing that WG is more interested in a mechanic that would cover wider variety of tanks with secondary armament, where you need to be able to decide which gun you are firing (main gun or secondary) and not have them firing both at once or one after the other, because the utility of secondary guns lies in the fact that you can hold the fire with your main gun, waiting for an opportune moment, and use secondary armament tactically, to track enemies, destroy cover, deal with lightly armoured targets or finish off targets at low health, where firing a main gun would be a waste of a shell.

    1. That was my thought, this might be the Tier 9 reward tank for Front Lines. I expect that tank to be Soviet and the timing is about right for it be in Super Test now.

  12. Of course the client can suppirt it, we had something similar for Halloween a couple of years back – the skinny TOG II* with a turret at each end.

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