0 thoughts on “Black Market Day 4: WZ-111 Alpine Tiger

  1. all this hype with black market for this? the only good thing sold till now was black dog and maybe type 59g… and this one is for gold too

    1. Type 59 Gold was a good offer? Lol… it\’s the ugliest tank in the game. I hope i don\’t have to see that abomination when i have historic visual filters activated.

      1. good in the \”is an ok premium tank\” way, but yes, it is ugly as fuck, and i don\’t have either gold or will to buy it . on this part i agree with you.

  2. what a joke. i wanted my last thing i can get while i can to be the american tiger before i leave for my cruise. beyond disappointed.

    1. Same bro, thanks to my work schedule I\’ll probably miss it as well. (And I just ground the credits for ot too)

  3. On SEA for us New Zealanders its four in the morning or four in the afternoon. So basically if you are awake at four or at home at four u likely don\’t have a job or its a shit one so u cant afford the gold. WG Genius is real…

  4. On EU Server after 4 hours still 39130 left from 40000. That thing will not get below 37000 I think.

  5. After almost 5 hours of the Black Market sale
    from 40.000 units for 10.000 Gold

    there are STILL 39150 left ~ with 7 hours left

    what a Fail the Alpine Tiger for 10k Gold is think they will be tolling the Alpine Tiger\’s by the 1.000s
    back into the Warehouse

    bit of a WG greed boo boo here Gold?? should have been for 6.000.000 Silver Credits

    1. I wouldn\’t buy it even for 1.5 million credits. I could buy any other better tier 8, 9 or 10 for 6 million.

    1. Ask a friend to log in for you. A reliable one obviously. I would recommend being in a discord or Skype call from your phone just before the expected time so you can both confirm if you want the tank on sale or not. It’s how I had to do it for the Type 59 Greed. What a total joke of a tank.

    2. install chrome remote desktop on ur pc and phone, so you can login in and purchase stuff. The only drawback is that your PC needs to be turned on all the time

  6. This ugly ass shit might be sell in China but I would never ever buy these abominations. Besides that, this was in the premium store not long ago so it’s not unique or special in any way.

  7. If it was around 5-6 million like the black dog then it would probably be worth it.

    But 10k gold ? Haha nice joke

  8. If they took this \”black market\” lore any seriously the price would have gone down by half now. Half the time is over, clearly a failure of an offer, they should change it or lower the price.

    I don\’t know what they expected really. The tank is not rare, not discounted, was on sale recently and is available for free with frontlines. It\’s not a Type, people are not gonna go crazy over the skin, and it\’s even worse tier for tier.

    I hope this shows them that nobody cares about shitty powercreeped tanks. If the \”leak\” was correct I hope they change their plans now. Because with how poorly the Alpine is selling I can\’t imagine an IS-6B and T34B selling any better even for anything higher than 3M credits (the bulldog was sold for 5M and is a much better tank).

    1. well…i would be more than happy with any premium tank for credits if its not stupidly overpriced

      so no, for credits even is6 is not a fail 😛

  9. I do not understand this…. Alpine Tiger for 10K Gold. This is about the same price as it was in the tech tree. Why would they expect someone would bother???
    For a Type59, I understand the hype (very rare tank) but, for this!!!
    LOL WG….

  10. Would have been a good deal if they hadnt sold it before or anything like that.

    Honestly Mutant M6 would be a better choice for this offer.

  11. looks like they changed order a bit after that leak 😛

    anyway… think everybody expected this thing for credits….thats why its a \”fail\”

    some bought it and are happy…price iis normal just like regular WZ…so why not 😛
    this one was just a standard shop offer…

  12. My bet is that they put this \”Ladenhühter\” out today to get an amazing sale at 18:00.

  13. Sheesh, so they stole all those tanks from WG\’s warehouse… You\’d hope they have a pretty big warehouse themselves!

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