Black Market: FV215b (183) Aftermath

20,000 units sold out in 174 minutes on EU. For comparison, there were 55,000 copies of the Death Star available on the RU server which sold out in 57 minutes.

22 thoughts on “Black Market: FV215b (183) Aftermath

        1. its not p2w dude, p2w is a concept that allows you to buy stuff with real money that is unavailable to obtain using ingame means, the 183 was available for ingame currency, that doesnt make it p2w, the defender on the other hand is p2w because it can only be bought using real money

          people should srsly stop throwing the \”p2w\” phrase at everything they see

          1. you may say its not p2w, however, if you want to grind 23M credits, with a premium account and a tier 8 premium tank you can get there in less then third of the time. And dont you start saying \”you can get free tier 8 in marathons\” because that also requires you to spend an unnatural amount of time on the game.
            IT is Pay 2 GetAHugeAdvantageOverAllOtherPlayers
            Oh and also, Credis are pay to win as well, because if you really wanted you could just literally spend 50k gold and that is roughly 23M credits. Yeah, it is a lot, but you can literally buy a deathstar without playing a single game, if thats not an unfair advantage for people with infinite money, i dont know what is…

    1. I\’m expecting it to be a bit quick, most people still have pockets full of spag- I mean gold.

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