New badge in 1.5.1 files

These will be received by clan members, who will be in one of the 10% best clans of the upcoming Fire Trail Global Map event.

According to unofficial information, the event will start this summer (June / July), and the prizes will be, as usual, styles, medals and tanks. If you fail to get the required number of Fame Points, you will be able to use bonds to win them at the auction.

0 thoughts on “New badge in 1.5.1 files

  1. Like most things they do, WG potato genius devs over-complicated the badges, nobody knows what is for what, pay-to-get 13 badge is right there with high achievements. Useless game complication.

    Mostly used to predict battle results, somehow team with more valuable badges usually wins.

    1. RU players usually use badges to determine level of autism in the enemy team. Pretty much every badge is called \”cocksucker\’s badge\”. I think it has something to do with ruski mentality in general. Just a fun fact.

  2. Wowzers – imagine how envious you\’ll be if you happen to notice someone has this badge. Does anyone even look at these things?

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