Critical Mission Error – Missions Disabled in all regions

„Hey Tankers,

We have identified a critical issue in the Missions system and have disabled all missions for repair.

At this time we do not have an ETA on the fix, we will be discussing compensation once we have all the details.

Thank you for your patience, and May the Fourth be with us all.


** UPDATE **

Hey Tankers,

Missions are up and seem stable.

Compensation will be discussed over the next few days because a lot of different things were affected and a lot of data needs to be pulled. Please keep posting about how this downtime affected your mission completion plans and we’ll make sure it all gets considered.”

0 thoughts on “Critical Mission Error – Missions Disabled in all regions

  1. Do we have any details what kind of error was it? Was there an exploit or something? Somehow I don\’t see WG reacting to things so eagerly if it\’s not very severe.

  2. you would get 25 times of your basic EXP when completing armor block mission. I have seen 600k EXP earned battle result.

  3. Did a mission on SEA server last night using a vk 100.whatever. The tier 8 German heavy and got over 40000 experience. Was doing blocking missions for Excalibur. Played 40 odd games in it and have earnt over 350000 experience.

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