Supertest: STB-1 Changes to Frontal Armor

Buff, several weakspots are missing.



0 thoughts on “Supertest: STB-1 Changes to Frontal Armor

  1. I\’m glad they buffed the turret armor, but at the same time I think that 280-300 mm of armor will only work as long as players don\’t use their skill ammo… It\’s fine if the armor only works against some classes (for example, it works against MTs, but not against TDs), but it\’s not fine if it only works against standard ammo since you have no idea what the enemy will shoot until it\’s too late :/

  2. so is the title for real? i couldnt find any spots that AREN\’T weak points.

  3. They still need to buff it for about 20mm on the front, on average, for it to work in this meta.

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