Tiger II (H) – Changed Stats

In the micropatch that happened almost a week ago these changes were made to the Tiger II (H) tier 7 premium:

Hull turning speed: 28,0 °/s   26,0 °/s
Aiming time: 1,82 s   1,92 s

Aim spread:

during turret rotation: 0.096 0.151;
during vehicle movement: 0.173 0.192;
during vehicle rotation: 0.173 0.192;
during the turret rotation at the maximum speed: 2.21 2.65;
at the maximum vehicle speed: 6.56 7.29;
at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 4.83 4.99.

0 thoughts on “Tiger II (H) – Changed Stats

    1. Because it´s german, meanwhile Nerfs for russian meds, op since release, are cancelled.

    2. Because it’s a tier 7 premium and still looks extremely powerful with the nerfed stats

      1. Well excuse me if I have my doubts regarding a non-Russian premium tank being titled OP.

  1. useless tank made even more useless.. can\’t have a German tank play with any competence, right commie pricks

  2. Can\’t remember last time I saw a Russian tank being nerfed. Hang on, I can – the 430/430U. Oh, it was cancelled, of course.

  3. lol, another nerf. Now I have no reason to buy that tank. Thx WG make russian tanks great again

  4. I\’m sure that this tank is a test bed for Tiger 2 buffs – which is to bring it down to tier 7 lol, while E75 go down to tier 8 with 105mm, and E90 at tier 9 lol

  5. Anyone surprised? It\’s a German premium tank, so it gets nerfed… If it was a Soviet premium tank, it would have got buffed instead. Surely we can\’t have the Königstiger in it\’s full glory in a game developed by Communist Gamink 😀 Just like we can\’t have any German war heroes 😉

  6. It’s a tier 7 tiger 2 good god some of you guys will cry over anything. This isn’t the normal tech tree Vehicle

  7. it was ALMOST as good as the 45.03, so they made it even worse? what\’s the point of getting this POS anyways?

    1. The point is fuck the german tanks and make russians greater. I bet they will also nerf the new VK75.01 to death. We will get a worse Chrysler K.

    2. Are you joking? Are you aware of how much less armor the 45.03 has? You really think that higher gun bloom is going to make up that difference? Tier 7 hasn’t had the insane penetration creep that the higher tiers have had

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