Hidden Conqueror Gun Carriage Buff in 1.5


In the update 1.5 artillery received various nerfs. The most notable one is to Conqueror Gun Carriage. Shell velocity of both HE rounds got reduced by 9% which resulted in something that nobody anticipated: maximum firing range decreased from 1000 to 820 meters and shell trajectory changed, becoming more steep. So effectively CGC was buffed by being able to shoot behind cover and hit weak top armor of enemy tanks even more effectively. One of WG community managers stated on RU forum that this is not a feature, it’s a “bug” and it will be fixed. Maximum range and trajectory will be changed back while shell velocity nerf stays.

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Source: wot express, skillfully translated by Robopon

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  1. This forum post by this CM is bullshit.

    All artys in WoT are handled the same when it comes to shell tracjectory. The shell velocity is the only variable that matters as every arty shots at 45°.

    As lower the shell velocity is as shorter is the range, but also as better is the shell trajectory. Also is the shell trajectory the best as closer you are at the maximum range. But also that means that the shell travels a long time.

    So the changes they did are not a bug but just a clear result of the nerf to the shell velocity in the first place. And now they want to tell players that this was a bug?

    It means they have to touch the internal handling for one arty when they now want to nerf the shell velocity while running with the old range.

    1. NOT TRUE!

      Yes, in real world physics 3 things determine the range : angle, initial velocity and const. \’g\’

      In wot each shell has many parameters in that count velocity and as well \’g\’ which is not a universal constant in WoT.
      For all the non artillery shells it is the good old => 9.81

      But artillery shells have each their own \’g\’ value for as long as I know (first I saw this some 5 or 6 years ago)
      For CGC these values are –> Speed 360; Gravity (\’g\’) 155
      For example. Obj. 261 Speed 510; Gravity 177

      You can use the classical real world physics formula to calculate the max range with those by using 45 degrees for the angle.
      You can get the values here https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldoftanks/ by clicking on the shells to get detailed info.
      As in the person who initially designed the shell mechanics (All those yearssss agooo) was not a total nincompoop.

      Maybe it was a mistake like all we humans make. Or maybe it was a massive incompetence when half the team does not f**ing know how their own game works…. We may never know.

      But they are right, it is a \”bug\”, because someone did not change both of the values (as in \’not working as intended\’)

    2. What do you mean every arty shots at 45°? Is this different from gun elevationdepression as the in game stats show most having 5° gun depression.

      1. What he means is how physics work. 1) A projectile drops at the angle it has been launched. 2) The projectile will fly the furthest distance if you shoot it at a 45° angle.

        In WoT the artillery guns have a lock that will not let them elevate the gun above 45° angle. Because of obvious reasons, because although after going 45° you lose range, the shell will drop closer to vertical trajectory.

        So for lobbing artillery shells over cover, max angle you can \”normally\” achieve is 45°. And this distance is achieved by being at the max shooting range. And so normally in _real life_ as \’g\’ would be constant, decreasing the velocity, decreases maximum range.

        1. It is not a \’lock\’ to 45 degrees. The game has a \”virtual gunner\” that handles all the intricacies of moving the turret and gun. One of these actions is to compensate for shell drop. The \”virtual gunner\” will aim for the *lowest time of flight* to target. That can only mean 0 to 45 degrees.

          1. If that is the way the developers did this, all right. But it is essentially exactly the same. You said it yourself: \”That can only mean 0 to 45 degrees.\” – which means the gun is \”locked\” to maximum 45° against the horizon. By what sort of \”check\” this is achieved, is simply just a technicality.

            If you want to get technical, then All the guns work this way. You aim where you want to hit, and the \”gunner\” calculates the elevation. If it was not so, you would have to aim above the point you wish to hit, accordingly to the characteristics of your shells.

        2. If artillery can elevate guns only up to 45°, then why some arties have more gun elevation? Hmm

          1. Because They \”can\” elevate the gun more than 45°.

            What I mean is they \”Can Not\” elevate the gun 45° above the horizon of the game map. If the artillery has 55° of elevation, and That artillery gets on a slope of 15° so that the front hull is lower than the rear (I hope I do not have to draw a diagram…. and you can at least understand this much) In that case That artillery will be able to elevate the gun only up to 40° degrees (55° – 15° makes 40° -> makes sense?) . The extra degrees in reality are only there to not limit the gun elevation on uneven terrain.

            So you can get the gun up higher than 45° against the horizon of the _Artillery Itself_.
            Yes, sure you can do this and then lock the gun with right mouse button, but if you will release the RMB, the gun will drop down to 45° against horizon making aiming practically impossible except for some very specific positions where you can use the terrain to \”try\” to make micro adjustments to the leveling of the artillery itself.

            So if you just want to nitpick, the artillery can not \”normally\” aim with gun elevation above 45°.

            It was actually possible to drop an artillery shell on the artillery itself. That is if you could actually hit yourself, because aiming as I said is impossible. The way I tried to do it was with S-51 elevating gun to the maximum, hold RMB and in 3rd person perspective use the terrain to try to \”eye\” when the gun was perpendicular to the horizon. Did not manage to hit myself but was hitting rather close.

  2. \”nobody anticipated\”? When range+shell arc are direct functions of shell velocity? Man, I thought their devs would at least still know how their mechanics work.

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