Medium Tanks Rebalance (Supertest): Second Iteration

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The first Supertest iteration for the re-balanced medium tanks is over, and we would like to share the results with you.

Our plans to re-balance some MTs prompted a heated discussion within the community. We totally agree this is a very important matter for many of you as the proposed changes concern Tier X vehicles—the prized ones which one doesn’t get in a day or two. Even positive adjustments to top-tier vehicles may impact the motivation to invest in their research. That’s why we do our best to inform you about every change beforehand.

Now we’ll describe some additional adjustments to the MTs in more detail, and will also explain what we intend to achieve. It should be noted that two of the five vehicles we mentioned before, the Object 430 and the Object 430U, will stay intact for now.

Please take note that all changes are currently being Supertested, and the stats may be further tweaked during the next iterations. The final stats of the tanks involved will be defined only before the release.

Leopard 1

From its inception, we envisioned this tank as a mobile sniper able to swiftly react to the battle dynamic and lend support to allies while staying far from the enemy. A good sniper needs a quality gun, so we concentrated our efforts on the tank’s armament. After two closed test iterations, we boosted a range of its parameters, including accuracy, stabilization, armor penetration, and shell velocity.

The APCR will continue to be the basic round of Leopard 1 and will travel at a speed of 1,480 meters per second. During the tests, we came to the conclusion that keeping this shell type best suits the tank’s role (a long-range striker). The new special shell will be an ACPR, too (as we told you before), but its armor penetration will be improved even further, up to 323 mm. Its velocity of 1,613 meters per second will make it one of the fastest rounds currently in the game. The increased gun accuracy of 0.29 makes the Leopard 1 the most precise shooter among all Tier X medium tanks.

If the testing goes well, the operators of the Leopard 1 will be able to choose between two kinds of APCRs, both with fine stats. On top of that, these rounds’ armor penetration stays high at long range.

But that’s not all. We plan to test the improved stabilization which will amount to 0.13 both on the move and while taking a turn (approximately 28% better than the stabilization on the main server now). Together with the short aiming time of 1.7 seconds, this will let the Leopard 1 get ready for firing much faster.

The Leopard 1 will get these modifications now, and if these are up to our expectations, the tank will become the ultimate mobile sniper. By increasing the alpha, the accuracy, and the stabilization, we’re fine-tuning the top German for comfortable play in its redefined role. High shell velocity and armor penetration will allow damaging an opponent even from afar. Of course, the vulnerabilities shall stay: the armor won’t thicken, still being almost a ‘placeholder’ one. Please keep that in mind: a true sniper should be very cautious!


Currently, the STB-1 is a generic tank which plays pretty well at mid-range but lacks a unique style. We intend to create one—by introducing a very peculiar feature plus significantly boosting the stats, to make it a formidable close-to-mid-range fighter.

The said feature is a hydro-pneumatic suspension the tankers have kept asking for—because the real-world STB-1 had one. Thanks to this mechanic, the Japanese will be able to tilt its hull, increasing its effective gun depression. The suspension will switch on automatically, just like on the new Swedish medium tanks. The total gun depression will increase from 10 to 12 degrees. Because of the introduction of a new mechanic the ‘tilt input’ will be split 50/50: 6 degrees at the expense of the hull and 6 degrees at the expense of the gun. Should we get positive test results, the STB-1 will be able to use terrain folds to maximal efficiency, hitting its enemies at extreme angles from unexpected directions.

We’re also going to test the second important adjustment: a boost to turret protection. For the STB-1 to keep it together in a brawl, we’ll do the following:

  • Get rid of weak armor zones in the gun mantlet
  • Increase the mantlet armor thickness
  • Bolster the overall frontal turret protection

After such a complex upgrade to the turret’s armor, the STB-1 will cope with enemy strikes much better. Together with the new suspension, this will strengthen the tank’s terrain-based play. The Japanese medium will be able to dish out damage reliably while surviving multiple hits.

“Reliable” is the best word describing the damage dealing capacity of the STB-1, as the third essential change to the tank is the increased damage per minute. While the alpha will go down, the DPM will grow even more compared to the first Supertest iteration. Due to reloading time decreased from 7.3 to 7.1 seconds, the DPM will cross the 3,000 threshold, reaching an awesome height of 3,042 points of damage which is the second best for the Tier X medium tanks. Besides that, the STB-1 will keep its improved gun stabilization from the first testing phase. Due to the combination of all these factors—the increased DPM, better stabilization, and the introduction of an AP shell—the tank will be able to shoot more often while sustaining high DPM.

The changes to the velocity of the rounds should be addressed separately. During the Supertest, the APCR shell will be substituted by an AP one. This entails a speed decrease, but after the first testing phase, we decided not to make it drastic (from the current 1478 to 1185 meters per second). Thus, both rounds (basic and special) are in fact becoming slower. Still, due to the changes to the STB-1 tactical role, the velocity of its rounds ceases to be a very important parameter. The tank will excel at close-to-mid-range combat, using its hydro-pneumatic suspension and also its improved turret armor, DPM, and gun stabilization. AP rounds will normalize better, increasing the chance to penetrate enemy armor.


We’d like to run one more test iteration for this one with its stats unchanged, so it will transition to the next stage as it is.

The Conclusion

Re-balancing Tier X vehicles aren’t easy, and that’s why the closed test consists of many steps. Not all the tweaks make it into the release; those bringing needed results get into the Common test where you can probe them yourselves. Our objective is to make these tanks more diverse gameplay-wise, and also more efficient in their respective tactical roles. We want every player to be able to find a tank that suits them most and have fun fighting in it while using its potential to the fullest.

Once again: please remember that all the changes we’ve mentioned are in closed test now, and the tanks’ stats may change when a new stage starts. The final parameters will be defined just before the release.

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  1. Fuck WG for listening to all those russkie drunken whine babies and cancelling the plans of nerfing the Object line instead of experimenting with armor nerfs.

  2. […]the Object 430 and the Object 430U, will stay intact for now.
    Aaaaand the tiny hope I didn\’t even know I had for the WG devs is lost.

    1. Your first mistake was having hope which lets be honest is something many of us lost back in 2015 when the game started going to shit.

      1. I guess you missed the part when i said I didn\’t even know I had, which means I had no intentional hope.
        That aside, I did, too lost my hope a long while ago.

    2. I’d say I have more hopes for WG, since they actually listened to the community. Was it the right thing to do? Probably not, but they did it anyway.

      1. You are probably confusing the Russian playerbase with the actual, entire community. Rookie mistake.

        1. RU playerbase is the vast majority of WoT community. You don’t want to mess with majority.

          1. That might be true, but then again, the EU cluster is called a cashcow for a reason.

  3. \”It should be noted that two of the five vehicles we mentioned before, the Object 430 and the Object 430U, will stay intact for now.\” Don\’t worry, Wargaming, we have noted, despite your pathetic information policy on EU.

    In other news, I like the fact that the Leopard\’s dispersion on the move will be improved significantly; so the tank will finally be able to peek-a-boo much better than it does now. I\’m not so sure about the APCR being kept as standard ammo, though, since this will probably translate into weaker penetration over distance …

    As to the STB – remains to be seen how much of an advantage the hydropneumatic suspension will really give the tank. Imho they really went overboard with the penetration nerf. I mean – 232 on Tier X? Really?

      1. All the penetration parameters mentioned on the page are given for 500m. so what. What penetration do you expect to have it at a 100 then? 300? Just curious.

        1. Only the STB-1\’s penetration was mentioned at 500 meters. All other values were for 100 meters.

  4. As for the STB, I personally don\’t see any necessity of inventing this certain \”unique style\” which it, historically, was never intended to have.
    Does cash grabbing by creating seemingly attractive vehicles matter this much to them?

  5. Also this hoaxing.
    Bobject 430 & 430y were both so rare in random battles and so balanced in parameters so they\’ve kindly decided to abort the nerfs. So damn touching.
    This time, to justify their style inventing, they thought people will buy this wow-look-at-the-AP-so-much-normalization crap. With actually worse penetration loss and less predictable trajectory how does one have increased chance of penetration?
    Mind you, it\’s just the average pen. capability we\’re all familiar with among Tiers 9/10 heavies. Not even close to something worth boasting about.

  6. aha…Leo APCR standard velocity 1480 WHILE ovj 140, T62 aqnd 907 perform over 1500 !! + that K91 wit 1700 !

    after that APCR on 2 key too?? FOR?? FOR KEEPING PURE P2W CONCEPT??

    and now cherry on top…FUCKING 430s REMAIN SAME??

    GTFO retard morons from WG

    this game do now worth any attention from now !

  7. Kind of weird that they \”imagined\” the Leopard 1 as a mobile sniper, yet it has less pen than the e50m, the rounds go slower, the dispersion is worse while moving.. so basically they are just buffing it to e50m standard values for the gun and dispersion.. Meanwhile this \”sniper\” tank fires rounds than goes slower than non-sniper tanks in the russian tech tree,with still worse dispersion than a obj 140 and with worse aimtime than the k-91, another \”sniper\” tank.

  8. Interesting fact – the real life STB-1 had an autoloader. Give it that and the new suspension and WG could have a really cool and unique Tier X tank.

    1. Just because it had it doesn\’t mean it should be implemented. Same reasons of why they haven\’t made the IS7 an autoloader though I fear that is only a matter of tiem since its russian.

  9. I have no idea why Leopard 1 has such bad moving and rotating dispersion which is 0.17, while a runt T-100LT has only 0.06, almost 3 times better! Therefore, I couldn\’t stop to think that it\’s not about balance at all.

  10. E50M stays my most loved Medium, Ridgeline-STB and Redline-Leo doesn’t change that. I still hope that sometimes the Object 430U get the nerf it deserves.

  11. To be honest I\’d prefer to have HEAT as an option on the Leo, to have an effective way of dealing with Swedish TDs and meds and occasional overangling sidescrapers.

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