Supertest: Tier IX Special Tank Speculation

From our friends at rykoszet (who in turn reposted from wotexpress):

„Birds from Supertest chirp: “probably in the middle of May we will start testing the prize tank for one of the events that will take place this year, IX tier machine. You must be patient. “

It will probably be the award for the Frontline, because the ranked battles are still ahead. There is no information about the vehicle itself, except that it will be 95% special tank (not premium!) … The tank is completely new.”

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  1. \”The tank is completely new.\” So neither the SU-122-54 nor the Tier IX Chinese TD that is apparently in the game files. Sounds good to me. And it will not be a premium tank, i.e. it won\’t make extra credits. No surprises there. Not sure about the Emil 1951, though … will that be a \’special tank\’ or a genuine premium tank?

  2. Well i hope that it will be a very good tank (hoping for a med or a fast heavy of some sorts) but not op, already at prestige 5 so 5 more to go for me 😀

  3. Pls no, no more biased blueprint bullshit bobjects. Maybe a Japanese Medium? something refreshing…

  4. \”There is no information about the vehicle itself, except that it will be 95% special tank (not premium!)\”

    Aaand there goes my interest in the whole Frontline mode.

    1. Why, WG clearly said they don\’t wanna me tier 9 prems, it will be very bad for the game and tier 8 prems would be irelevant…

      1. just like tier 8 STANDARDS are now USELESS and IRELEVANT !

        fking p2w scums, greedy and liars

    2. I read in some Q&A or other that Wargaming has ruled out releasing true Tier IX premiums, and I can\’t say I blame them – to be fair, I would do the same if I were in their shoes, as this would create a whole new situation, with loads of implications, notably for Tier VIII premiums, which are an important source of income for WG.

      Having said that, perhaps they will start thinking about Tier IX premiums in earnest if they find that the market for Tier VIII premiums is saturated and fewer and fewer people buy them …

  5. Inb4 made up and overpowered Cyka-123 that was found under Stalins bed 😀 😀 😀

  6. I think they should let the \”special\” tanks earn more credits than tech tree tanks but the amount should be lower than premium tanks. So if tier 8 premiums get say a 10% credit boost, then a tier 8 \”special\” tank could only get a 5% or 2.5% credit boost.

    1. Well the mbt 70 is in wot blitz as tier 9 so that could be a posibillity, but we will have to wait and see, I am quite excited tho to see what thank we will get, already got prestige to 5, so only 5 more to go 😀

      1. Wtf is this true? One of the most advanced tanks at it’s Time as a Tier IX tank, for Blitz?

            1. It\’s def not the 777v2 because that is a tier 10 also, from what WG said it\’s going to be a new tank, 777v2 is not a new tank

                1. Hmm just saw the news on the forum with the 777v2 as tier 9 going on supertest, but nothing yet if this tank will be the one for FL or ranked, hmm..

    1. I hate the comment section. Half of the time my replies doesn\’t go where I want to send them…

    2. As I said: biased blueprint bullshit bobject. But man this thing is really ugly…I kinda hoped for something exotic/refreshing AND good looking lol

  7. The other sources (Rykoszet) says it won\’t be an award for FR neither ranked battles.

  8. Oh what fun another fucking Russian medium or heavy tank. I think it is time to quit this shit game for ever!

  9. Oh what fun another fuc king Russian medium or heavy tank. I think it is time to quit this sh it game for ever!

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