VK 75.01 (K) pictures


16 thoughts on “VK 75.01 (K) pictures

  1. I bet its going to be yet another premium tank unless they plan to replace the VK A with it while making the VK A a premium.


  2. So many panzers out there designed in the 50-60-70s that would fit into the timeline WG uses now.. but they make this: another fake Ww II German T8 Tog, HP farm


      1. a whole slew of ‘mutz’ based designs ( 58 isn’t just a random number), not to mention the MBT 70 prototype to the Leo 2 and foreign panzer program , the HWK is not a single, one off, there are about 16 variations, all built.


        1. The Mutz is from the swiss, the KPz 70 is maybe too advanced, the same goes for the Leopard 2. Leopard 1A3 or A4 would be a great addition.


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