Supertest News: VK 75.01 (K)

Today the VK 75.01 (K), a tier VIII Premium German heavy tank will enter the Supertest.


Gameplay-wise, it could be described as a tier-adjusted VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B. The VK 75.01 (K) has excellent side armor and a strong glacis plate with 180mm of nominal armor. The well-protected turret (250mm nominal armor in the front) utilizes a gun dealing an average of 490 damage per shot with 226mm of armor penetration with the standard round.

The VK 75.01 (K) is efficient at a close range, and sometimes at mid-range: this way, you can compensate for the not-so-stellar accuracy and aiming time of the gun. It’s a classic slow German heavy with a thick hide, so be careful when choosing a flank to push or defend. The VK 75.01 (K) has a decent turning rate, so running circles around it isn’t a universal go-to option for its adversaries. As for the German’s operator, the general tactic is rolling out of cover to deal damage (with enemies’ shots most likely ricocheting or being blocked by armor) and then rolling back into cover to reload. Add support from the allies to this simple play style, and you will win time after time!

The VK 75.01 (K) is manned by a crew of five: Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator, and a Loader.

Please take note that the stats of the vehicle aren’t final and may change depending on test results.




44 thoughts on “Supertest News: VK 75.01 (K)

  1. When they can use this as a damn good replacement for the VK 45.02 Ausf.A which has a frontal turret comparing to it’s higher tiers which have back turret, but NO, they decide to make a new premium tank which we don’t need for now. Nice way to ruin the game even further Wargaming.

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    1. And of course it has to have better armor than the tiger 2 and Vk 4502 A with a gun that causes 490 damage like a TD lol. Lucky that I quitted this game in early 2019.

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        1. I quit the game and I still check these blogs to see what outlandish shit they’re continuing to do with the game.


  2. Before anyone starts calling thins tank fake it actually seems to be real to me. The reason why I believe this is because this is most likely based off of the rear turreted Löwe project and there was a real proposal to put the vk100.01P Turret on this hull for it to be able to mount a bigger gun and for it to have more armor and here’s a link to prove it more (its near the end of the post)
    (Also I do realize the hull is still incorrect though)

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  3. The interesting thing will be whether or not they give it proper weakspots. If for instance that cupola has more or less as much effective armor as the rest of the turret, that’s a hint that we have the same borked balance philosophy that gave us gems like the 268v4 and 430u.


  4. This thing should replace the VK45.02 at tier 8. That thing is a more mobile, borderline heavium with a front mounted turret. It’s leading tot the VK4502 at tier 9, which has it’s turret at the back. It makes way more sense to have that VK72.01 at tier 8, so you have basically the same playstyle from tier 8 to tier 10.

    Putting out this VK72.01 would be a blatant moneygrab, ignoring a posible improvement on a techtree. Just make the VK45.02 a tier 8 premium with a heavium playstyle. Just give it the 105 of the Tiger II, improve it’s groundresistances and call it a day.

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  5. Funny. First WG talks about “branch consistency”, they even messed up the entire Obj.263 branch because they wanted to make it more consistent. Now when they have a very good candidate to make the german heavy branch consistent, they decide to make it a premium instead.
    Maybe WG should make themselves consistent before they try to make the branches consistent? 😀

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    1. They have screwed up so many lines forcing out of place vehicles into the branches and releasing the fitting vehicles as premium tanks.

      Czech mediums: They should have swapped the Skoda T40 and the T-34-100 but Silentstalker was too edgy and convinced WG to put the T-34-100 into the tech tree after they have removed the 100 mm guns from the Tier VI-VII Russain mediums.

      French normal heavies: The AMX 65t should have been the premium instead of the AMX M4 49

      Italian mediums: The Leopard prototype B is out of place, they should have made that the premium tank instead of the Progetto 46

      French wheeled vehicles: They should have swapped the Lynx 6×6 with the EBR 75 FL10

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      1. i have to disagree with your opinion regarding the french and italian premiums, i think that them designing tier 8 premiums around the playstyle of their tier 10 tech tree counterparts is a good design choice, because tier 10 is the endgame content of wot, and them designing premiums that play as close as possible to those endgame vehicles is a good thing


        1. What would have stopped WG giving the AMX 65t and the Leopard Prototye B similar playstyle to the Tier X of the branches?

          Leo PTB should have received the 90mm autoreloader gun from the Progetto and done. Even IRL it was developed with a 90mm gun in mind.
          The AMX 65t should have received stronger UFP and done.

          Neither of the lines I have mentioned are consistent in a design and/or chronological viewpoint and the easiest way to fix them would have been the solutions I’ve listed.


    2. Chronological consistency indeed. It is their trademark that favours monetization.

      Another example would be the French second heavy line.
      Where the AMX 65T completely out of place between the M4 heavies. The M4 1949 should have become the regular tier 8, but it was as a premium much earlier, whereby they shot themselves in the knee IMO.

      This German heavy could very well have become a regular tier 8 in place of the Tiger II, which could then have been down tiered, same for the Tiger I.


      1. It’s obvious they have no idea about balance. If a tank is broken or overperforming they are making them unplayable instead of properly addressing the problematic parts.


  6. makes me regret buying the mauerbrecher completely. they should give it back the 15cm. but nerf the alpha damage to 650? 690? 720? then increase the pen to 226? 230? 232?.


      1. The Skorpion G is surely a strong tank, but I would not call it OP, since it simply too vulnerable. If you make a mistake when playing it, you get punished fast and hard, even in Tier VI matches. Imho that is sufficient to balance out the powerful gun.


      2. i did say heavy tank friend.

        skorpion G is a high skill cap tank, i have no issues with it, plus tier 6 HE pens it with ease, and arty…..



        1. High skill tank or not, it has 490 alpha, it is more mobile than the T-34-2 and it has a turret. It is bad for tier 8 gameplay.


  7. I bet this thing will be riddled with weakspots.. you got the turret ring, the machine gun port and look at that freaking cupola… I mean.. whats the point of having 250mm of turret armor if you have a cupola that is like 150mm of armor???


  8. itll be nice that this german heavy have six man crew instead of 5. Then again if it has 6 then it’ll probably make the mauerbrecher irrelevant.


    1. “The VK 75.01 (K) is manned by a crew of five: Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator, and a Loader.”


  9. I’m not sure I look forward to this being in the game. Ok sure big target with possibly weak lower plate like all German stuff, and one could hope they will make the turret cupola a weakspot and not the 230+ effective bunker that VK 100.01 has, otherwise this looks like a monster in the making and the German answer to Object 252U.


  10. Ahahah what a joke, we dont need a HT with 490 alpha regardles of armor layout DPM or what ever stat. Alpha inflation is bad for tier 8 gameplay. I think 390 should be maximum alpha for a tier 8 HT, what fucking MT will take risks and flank towards a HT with 490 alpha? Supertesters are idiots, how can they even consider such a gun. This tank needs max 320 alpha and 220mm pen and 1700 dpm. It is a premium after all and it has strong upper glasis and turret front.


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