Supertest: Kharkov Map Video

Enlarged (1000 x 1000), with a new open area, also rotated 45 degrees, creating flanks that can be used by various vehicle types.

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  1. Seems stubborn WG is still determined to create maps with the principle of \”LT go here, HT go here, TD go here\”. When will they understand that maps that forces all classes to play together, and making use of each others stengths is what creates a good map and interesting battle? WG should take a look at how maps are designed in Company of Heroes and Steel Division…

    1. \”making use of each others stengths is what creates a good map and interesting battle? \”

      But you can do this on the map. TD\’s and light can work together on the open filed and medium tanks can make use of both classes on the flanks while heavys secure the town and get supported from the flanks with eiter meds or tds

      1. And why should HTs secure the town alone? If all HTs go to town, what should the TDs shoot for? You see right now we have TDs with great penetration that shoots for small LTs, while the HTs have to fight on their own, and use \”special ammo\” just because they can\’t go through each others fronts. That\’s already proof how broken this design is.
        There shouldn\’t be any \”zones\”. HTs should spread evenly across the entire map, TDs should spread evenly across the entire map, LTs aswell, MTs aswell, and so on. And then they should all work together. The LTs spot targets, the HTs hold the line, the TDs snipe targets that other classes can\’t penetrate, the MTs exploit breakthroughs and flank. That\’s how a class system should work.
        Not to mention the realistic absurdness of all this. HTs \”securing the town\” is a stupid concept made up in WoT, since tanks generally avoid urban environments. And then we have another dumb concept called \”brawling\”, also invented in WoT. Oh another one: \”active scouting\”, a.k.a running around like an annoying fly. I recommend you to try out Steel Division if you want a proper look at how recon, tanks, anti-tank, planes etc interact with each other.
        End point is, no class should have their own little mini-game somewhere on the map, but instead all classes should play together and combine their individual strengths to win. That is not possible when WG creats HTs safezones where neither LTs can spot them or TDs nor SPGs can hit them.

        1. I remember this.

          There was the map with the SAM sites you\’ve stated exactly this on the Supertest section.

          In other words, nope. They still don\’t listen to feedback. I wonder sometimes why we even have a forum…

          1. We have the forum so players can write their feedback to deaf ears, then get frustrated, and then get banned because their frustration is unconstructive 😀 😀 😀

  2. Good to see the map coming back but seeing old soundtrack gone because of andrius klimkas contract is sad..

    1. probably never, even though you can see it\’s modelled outside the map border, same for Himmelsbollockdorf

    1. You are not alone, me too (mayb it was too smoky). Also not \”Kharkov\” but \”Kharkiv\”.

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