x5 XP on the main server this weekend (EU)

Your interest in the WoT Classic mode exceeded all of our expectations. The influx of players to Classic server was way bigger than we could have handled at the moment! To avoid the waiting time, we suggest you to check out the main server.
 We have activated a x5 XP bonus for the first victory of the day from March 30, 1:00 PM (CET), April 1, 8:00 AM (CEST).

Note: Today, the x5 XP bonus will not be visible in the tanks carousel. For the first win of the day you will receive your standard x2 XP bonus, and after 1:00 PM you will also receive the extra x5 XP bonus on the second win of the day. It will appear in your post-battle results. Tomorrow, Sunday 31st you will only see the x5 XP bonus in the tanks carousel as usual.
We are aware of how excited you are to re-experience the good old gameplay of version 0.7.0, and we sincerely apologise for any issues that have emerged. WoT Classic turned out to be a great initiative, and is a testament to the nostalgia that many of our players share with us.
For those of you who have not logged in since November 28th, 2018, we would like to remind you of the Well-Deserved Reward. Upon logging in, you will receive a wide range of rewards, such as credits, bonds, emblems, medals, and even a T-50-2 tank for the veterans, who have registered their account 4 years ago or earlier!

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      1. What you mean? You must run your site without making fraud article and copy paste others work

            1. First of all; racist
              Second of all: not even Muslim (how you came to that is anyones guess)
              Third of all: his source of info is from WoT forums or website… where every other WoT news site copy/pastes the same thing… he’s not copying other blogs, just re-sharing the same info eberyone else is…

  1. what this really means… “Hi, our new event sucked so bad, no one joined. so we are going to say that it is highly successful and offer you a 5x bonus, when in fact no one cared, and the 5x bonus is just to try and get more people to join our failed event”

    1. Clearly my friend you’ve NOT played the Classic WOT
      as if you HAD?
      you would have been astounded at how enjoyable it was/ is slower more time to think Maps seem huge as view range and speed is much lower that todays turbo shoot-em-up WOT
      Its surprisingly addictive (how it all started for a lot of us) lots of fun and ZERO stupidly OP Vehicles and ZERO stun SPG
      Play it ………… go on!

    2. Its actually quite popular, especially with Russians. Battles become quite different without certain players able to use modpacks, super modules, their E25’s, and directives. Hence the total absence of stat shaming in chat.

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