0 thoughts on “WoT Classic 0.7.0: How to download and play

  1. Oh no, a company pushing their game launcher onto us that helps to organise all of their games into one location, whatever will we do? How dare WG do that which many other PC games do…
    Fuck me, TAP has become a joke lately

  2. when is the fv4005 and type nerf/buff in the supertest being posted here? i wanna stare at the numbers

    1. Which aspect of the numbers?
      – Unnessecary buff to Typ 5 mobility?
      – The pathetic buff to 14cm gun?
      – The brilliant and overdue nerf to the 15cm?
      – The fact the 15cm didn’t just get removed like people wanted?
      – The arguably unneeded nerf to the FV4005?

          1. “Unnecessary”, “pathetic”, “people wanted”, “arguably” … So many feels. So much suffering.

                1. Ahhh I think I get it. You must be one of those people that think the Type 5 with its current 15cm derp gun was a great idea and perfectly balanced.
                  Would explain why your concept of what the facts are is so far off

      1. as much as you did or didnt like the changes, i dont see why this community cant see them… i guess i will leave my opinion on the changes here.
        alpha – I am crying tears of joy because the maximum alpha damage was reduced from 1400 to 900, now when i fail to penetrate one, i wont be hit in the tracks for 500 on my way out!
        HESH – This makes sense, it is for penetrating some cupolas, or for going through the tvp armor ish tanks and all side armors. though i think it should get a fire rate buff or higher pen HESH to be competitive.
        dispersion buffs – the cherry on top telling everyone this change is to make the type gameplay less braindead. necessary.
        top speed and rev speed – i do not understand why this buff is necessary, UNLESS it truly matches the type 4 now.
        specific power – i dont really agree with this, but idk cause i havent felt it first hand
        hull traverse – i can somewhat understand this buff
        AP penetration increase – 3-8mm goes a long way, people underestimate the probabilities. 3-7%+ chance of going through some armors.
        Speed nerfs – i understand this completely. these things(I) get into position with 1750 damage loaded READY by the time the slowish mediums get in place/cross.
        aimtime nerf – completely understandable.
        dispersion nerf – THE SINGLE SOLITARY THING in these changes that makes absolutely NO SENSE. the type literally took brain cells from the queen. you LITERALLY cant snipe or aim at weakspots anymore. this thing just became type 5 2.0. The tank is now braindead, the key to winning now, is to hope and pray.

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