WoT: 1.4.1 Patch Release Date

As various sources estimate, the release of the update on the RU server is scheduled for March 19 (the night from 18 to 19). Two new mod folders will be created: /res_mods/ and /mods/

The EU & NA servers will probably receive the patch the next day, March 20.

Note: the patch brings random rewards, blueprints, new crew skins. Nothing much really.

15 thoughts on “WoT: 1.4.1 Patch Release Date

  1. And what is inside that patch ? Does it contain the swedish meds ? Dat blog… Check wowhead if you need inspiration on how to make informative posts.

      1. ..and obviously no other content, except the two new folders?! Now im forced to google the real patch-content.. ggwp Seb.

            1. How is this important? this basically just equates to more credits per battle, probably a 5% increase overall, WG isn’t going to give you a ton of extra credits for nothing.

  2. Or you could follow the news constantly and do your own research from time to time. Don’t be an NPC, if you know what I mean.

    1. ..get a job, Kids and a motorcycle or something similar like a real hobby – you will change your mind instant. There´s no time/interest in following “the news constantly”, so i want to get informed by a single article and dont have to google the rest..

  3. Im back, 2 days and a half later. Sorry, was busy doing important things IRL. So. Why would i follow a blog if i need to do research myself ? I’m not trying to be impolite or anything. I got from Rita’s blog to Daily Bounce to this one for a simple reason : doing a good job posting news shoudnt be taken lightly : either do it right or dont, i will just stop reading and caring about your blog like i did for the other 2.

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