11 thoughts on “Developer Diaries: New Swedish Medium Tanks

  1. So this Yuriy guy is responsible for all the unbalanced shit that’s been put to this game these last years? I wonder what’s he smoking…
    On another note, they keep adding tanks to the game instead of working on balance or other more pressing issues…sad, but I didn’t expect anything else from WG at this point.

  2. well, from WGs point of view: adding new tech trees gets peopl to spend gold (for XP conversion, crewtraining etc.) – balancing doesn’t make people to do so.

    1. its apcr so the pen is garbage. (120mm plate at 66 degrees with AP is 250mm, with APCR it is 295mm. i tested this with the armor on the 113.) not to mention the APCR ammo on the Swedish tree is slower than standard APCR, have you ever heard of people complaining about the kranvagn pen? this tank only has maybe 22 more pen. i admit the new alpha damage should be 420 rather than 460. the new kranvagn will have 440, the medium should have less. you should instead complain about the alpha creep

  3. this things alpha should be 420, not 460. why be more than the new kranvagn(440)? high alpha mediums like the 430U are just obnoxious

    1. Honestly, WG needs to stop fucking with alpha values in general.

  4. they just keep adding more requirements to not bring AP/APCR rounds now.. I’m so glad I’m moving towards wows now. wot is a mess and it seems unlikely that it will be fixed, only worsened.

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