RU Premium Shop Sneak Peek

Notice something interesting? The blueprint on the crate looks like a SU-122-54…

Thanks to Worldeater for the heads-up.


30 thoughts on “RU Premium Shop Sneak Peek

    1. It’s Men’s Day in Russia on the 23rd of February so WG created a unique style for that occasion and now they are selling it with a 15 battle 5x XP bundle + 2 other sets of camos.


        1. too late, we switched to latin script in the 1850s. I suggest you do too, kazakhstan already wants to. If I want to learn Russian, it’s for the sole purpose of translating articles.


    1. It was bad as a tier 9 but as a tier 8 it would fit that tier well. Only thing it needed was probably some better mobility or give it some fantasy gun depression.


  1. If the Tier IX mystery reward tank for the frontline campagin turns out to be the SU-122-54 I will stop grinding. Hated the thing in the tech tree.


    1. I personally loved it. So I’ll grind even harder then. Even more so if it’s as fast and has the same stats. It’s a love it or hate it tank going by who I’ve talked to.


  2. I guess all of you don’t realize that the Su-122-54 actually fits the bill as a USSR WZ-120-FT simply perfectly.
    WG did it with the Lor 40T. Was a decent Tier 9 MT, just like the SU was a decent T9 TD, and I think that it would be a perfect fit for the Loot Boxes of 2019.


  3. would be great to have another invisible hard hitting TD in the game, so we can do much much more camping and less tanking.
    I am amazed at how WG manage to increase the amount of camping with each new premium tank.

    World of TANKS: 95% camping 5% action. Reducing the action every patch and new tank, for your tanking pleasure.
    And tier 8 premium SPGs WHEN???.


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