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Frontline Feedback: My Personal Feedback to Episode 1 of FrontlineFrontline Feedback: My Personal Feedback to Episode 1 of Frontline

It gets boring rather quickly as it is the same map over and over. I really do recommend getting more maps over the course of the whole season! Do consider giving a 50% bonus to the ranking points to the winner team to make the grind less painful and long aswell as promote actively working for a win! You increased the point need by 62% to reach one prestige compared to the first time Frontline was around so why not add this bonus for winning? Right now you could easily say you want to throw a win to just get general. With that added bonus you could get general like points with major! And I you carried your team well, boom, free general plus an additional 650 points!

Next I think that there is almost no point in attacking Pillboxes as an Attacker. For some reason the rank gain from capping is bonkers huge while the point gain from attacking pillboxes is close to minimal… Consider giving us more points for attacking the pillboxes. In the end those are the MAIN Objectives! So why do they give so little points? Also consider that the inspire reserve also gives assistant points when you attack the pillboxes. In the end it is like… 100% worth to use inspire against the pillboxes as you usually want to win the game! So please consider adding the inspire assistant points for damage on pillboxes by allies which are inspired by you!

Now something positive. I love that you gave the pillboxes those 25mm weakspots at the back! Awesomesauce! It really lets good players aim for them and push out some max DPS with HE! Very well done!

Back to something normal. I personally found it very hard to get general as a defender. As you got to play way more riskier to get minimal point gain compared to an attacker. Attackers have high risk high reward while defenders feel like high risk meh reward. Maybe give out more points for blocking the cap with shots? And do consider giving artillery less reserves. Its really annoying to see that skypiggies usually get general first in the defending team for doing absolutely nothing then using spotplane, arty strike, engineer and their guns. Really promotes blergh gameplay ( Also, give me EBR 75 FL 10 for episode 2. I’ll have a personal vendetta against those piggies!)Why did you remove the bonds for medals? Its sad to see as in the “beta” of frontline you could get bonds for medals like general medal or small army medal. Which was awesome and promoted my platoonmates and I to play for such medals back then. Now they are just… useless pad on our backs. Maybe give them again something like 10 Bonds or so, doesn’t need to be much, but something small is always better then nothing, ehh? Give CLEAR instructions what happens at episode 2. When you reach the prestige 3 lvl 30 and you want to reset, TELL THIS THE PLAYERS that if they do it, they will NOT be able to grind anymore levels and they will be stuck at lvl 1 with 1 reserve which is at lvl 1 without making any progress!

Here is an error in my video!

I actually just found out during my german feedback video that there actually is a tank search thingy in the respawn screen! Yet make it more pronounced please as I legit didn’t found it in 1 week of frontline gameplay :D

Aiming at enemys which have no background like a hill or stone is super hard as your aimcircle jumps up and down. I tried to explain an idea in my video where you lay a plane through all tank models which can act as “ terrain” to the aimcircle so you can actually aim infront of a speeding tank!

UI improvements would be awesome, like the time when the repair spot is ready again on the minimap or show how many attackers / defenders are on one front! Aswell as make those announcements of things being attacked quicker! They take ages to go away again it feels like! Or simple put them on the left side so we have an unobstructed view at the center informations.

Fix the platoon invitation bug.

And some information on how long a combat reserve needs to recharge when you died. Some more info on that might be good!

Lastly some final words: You did something great with frontline during the first time. It was awesome yet super buggy. I am glad to say that a lot of bugs vanished and FPS skyrocketed! Very well done, but please wargaming. Most of your players are older players which all have a job. Don’t count on them putting 20 + hours per week into frontline to get tanks and other things when they already have Jobs they need to attend. This is a game not a lifestyle! Reconsider how much points you need for a prestige. This frontline gamemode should be something YOU can use to advertise how good your game is, bringing new players into the game to play those massive 30 vs 30 games on this huge map!

I saw so many players online when frontline was active and I heard from a lot of players they returned to the game solely because of frontline. And now they get buttfingered by a stupid hard and long grind and immediately loose fun again in it.

Thank you so much for your attention and time. I hope I was able to bring about my personal impression and feedback to frontline and I hope my small voice might be heard in Minsk. Thank you and cheers



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        1. Back door is 70 and the back wall is 90. The bottom half of the sidewall from the extra plates to the back is 165. It takes about 8 shots of HEAT from a SU-130 to destroy a turret from the side.

  1. NO, giving more frontline xp for the winning team is not a good idea ! The chance ratio is far to big so that would not be fair.
    I saw in almost every games general’s on the two sides.
    Winning already gives more classic xp’s and credits and that’s enough for making players want to win.

    The main problem is that the needed frontline xp’s are too much to get a prestige level, need to be around 30% less to be great.

  2. About that big increase in dificulty…yeah…disgusting…a lot of time needed.

    Pillboxes reward in xp…agree again, almost not worth it and better focus enemys to get ranks instead of focusing objectives…

    Weakpoints – more than wellcole !! Thats how all TANKS should like also !!! FRONTALLY ! – WEAKPOINTS !

    Defenders get harded general?? Thats exactly oposite in fact…i got most generals on defenders side. Why? Because you can reset same base multiple times and you get extra xp for EVERY reset or stop to cap zone…while on atack side you get this xp bonus ONLY if you cap it with success.
    Thats a big difference and atackers also should get xp by gaining cap points everytime not only when base is fully capped…
    And no, not defenders must play very risky….they just need to wait near base while atackers need to rush and cross open fields to get in cap…
    Dont really know how you see defenders so disadvantaged…

    Reserves….yeah…3 slots for pigs and only 1 for meds/ heavys?? Disgusting

    Finally one of the best features of this game mode and why its so good in my opinion is…map size and number of players.
    FINALLY this game can feel like a game with TANKS not like…Counterstrike.
    Thats what game needs…BIG MAPS wich allow flanking, crossfire, tactics…all this stuff.
    Also 30 players is just excellent for this size, not like GrandBattles where are also 30 players but in…what size map? – Dsgusting, …just a bigger random.
    I really love this feature, size, its 100 times better than normal maps. Here almost dont care if i see a p2w defender because i can get relatively easy his sides or even rear…so dont care about its imbecile armor so much…just an example.

  3. “When you reach the prestige 3 lvl 30 and you want to reset, TELL THIS THE PLAYERS that if they do it, they will NOT be able to grind anymore levels and they will be stuck at lvl 1 with 1 reserve which is at lvl 1 without making any progress!”

    If you read the frontlines manual, you would already have known that.
    Just use common sense.
    If people are too lazy to read it, it’s their own fault.

    1. Actually this is not in the french frontline manual, I haven’t read any others but it should be traduction from russian so… have you read it ?

    2. A new frontline map halfway in 2019 would be dope. Maybe a semi assymetrical map where area D and cap 3 is part of a city while the rest are still open map area. Maybe something winter themed this time?

  4. Mostly agreed. Objectives give minimal xp, also destroying attackers that are attacking the objectives should give much more, it’s literally the purpose of the mode. Arty should get maximum 1 reserve instead of 3, lights and TD’s 2, the rest 1, also these reserves should be front-only instead of any-front. Finally, I know WG don’t play their own game, but come on, some premiums are ruining this mode, either lock them or ban them altogether.

  5. I agree with a lot of your points, Raging.

    My point is, as I realized how many points you need to get prestige at least once, I left the mode.
    I am only an average player, with a (more than fulltime) fulltime job, not able to play every day (and night).

    Was more fun for me to grind through wheeled tanks than doing this sh*t again and again with more and more stupid teams.

    So … THX WG for ruining another good idea.

    By the way, WG:
    You will manage to ruin the whole game as well.
    It´s just a matter of time.
    Just my two cents.

  6. You should only grind if you want reward tanks. Nobody forces you to do that. You can just play for fun, farm some credits or exp for your tier 8s that you don’t want to grind in randoms.

  7. Here, Here, couldn’t agree more. As an older player with commitments, job, children, wife. Level 30 was impossible for me. I got to 20 and if things had been less busy level 21-22 would of been doable but 30 was not possible.

  8. (Aiming at enemy’s which have no background like a hill or stone is super hard as your aimcircle jumps up and down. ) I had sent in replays of this for years in pubs and all WGing ever finally told me was there was nothing they could do . But when your missing shot after shot it get a bit frustrating as if RNG and sorry you didn’t penetrate their armor wasn’t bad enough . I turned the game off on Thursday and havent bothered to look at it since .. Still a very disgruntled NA player for what the game has become over the last couple years .

    1. No shit reticle is jumping up and down, you’re aiming at the background where there is no background. But yeah, that’s just how aiming in this game works.

  9. “Most of your players are older players which all have a job. Don’t count on them putting 20 + hours per week into frontline to get tanks and other things when they already have Jobs they need to attend.”
    A great truth!

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