AW: End of Polish FB Page & Discord

As a possible sign of things to come, it was announced on 11 February by Polish CM MaciekM4a4 that the Polish AW Discord section will be closed on 15 February (today), the users being redirected to the English channels. The same fate is also to be shared by the Polish AW Facebook page and MaciekM4a4 himself resigned from the CM function. The game and articles on the main page will still be available in Polish.

9 thoughts on “AW: End of Polish FB Page & Discord

          1. I still remember when AW sold tech tree tanks painted black as premium and people defended them for it.

  1. AW should have just copied the WOT meme’s not gone ‘mercenary shit’ which at the beginning was what it was going to do I believe until fucked it all up

    as a WOT clone it would have forced WG to improve WOT gameplay way faster than the snails pace that WG is comfortably numb with,.. I blame all the free Vodka & coke at WG lunchbreaks

  2. I liked the realism on how tanks moved in AW and the PvE option a lot. Never really felt like a threat towards WoT but still showing the way in a lot of ways…

  3. I find this piece of news funny. claims everyone gets their news and talks about AW on discord, and so they close the forums, and now they close one of the discord channels and who cares about possible language barriers.

    This game had potential and deserved more than turning into a WoT clone that has no chance to be serious competition. People joined AW in beta for PVE and because even PVP offered a different and less shitty experience (complete lack of skill ammo anyone), but nope the tryhards wanted WoT with modern tanks and so was all too happy to oblige…

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