Supertest: T78 Initial Stats

A new Tier VI American TD is coming to the ST server: the T78. It’s a relatively mobile vehicle with a turret capable of rotating full 360 degrees. Another strength is the easy-to-handle and very efficient gun with excellent gun depression. The cost? The T78’s protection is almost non-existent, try not to rely on it!

You’re probably thinking, “ mobile American TD with a great gun but no armor. This sure reminds me of something!”

And you would be spot on. The T78 is definitely like the Hellcat in terms of gameplay, still, there are some differences. Less mobility means you won’t be able to follow your allies easily around the map or looking for someone to prey on. On the other hand, the gun on the T78 reloads faster and has better stabilization on the move than that of the Hellcat.

Taking all this into consideration, the best way to play the T78 is changing your position often and firing at your enemies using the ridgelines and map terrain.

As always, the stats of the vehicle may change depending on the results of the test. Make sure to follow the news and may luck shine upon you in every battle!

14 thoughts on “Supertest: T78 Initial Stats

  1. M24 hull with M36 turret, it will be underpower as hell since it is less mobile and retains the 160mm of penetration, unless they buff it, if they don’t it will probably be one more of those you have to play with gold ammo to be effective, clearly a downgrade from the Tier 6 Hellcat

  2. wohooo….another premium tank…..but what is the point of it?…..the game has lost its charm for me…..gone are the days when I enjoyed playing it….its became like “meh,lets try to play some battles”….and after 3-5 battles (half an hour to an hour) I am fed up with it….grinding tier 8s:GOOD LUCK when you are bottom tier all the time and tier 10s spam nothing but premium ammo……tier 6 (once most fun tier to play)…..forget about it: most battles ending up 15-3 (win or lose) its no fun

  3. Reloads faster? 8.3 is still slower then the base reload of the Hellcat. As it has 8.15 iirc. Worse dispersion, worse aim time. Slower speed. Yeah it’s not looking too good.

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