Early Access: ISU-130 on the NA server

ISU-130 tier VIII Premium TD is available as early access in the NA premium shop (previously it was available only on the ASIA server). The vehicle was a prize for World of Tanks moderators and people who helped in the development of the game.

It will probably be available on EU soon.


51 thoughts on “Early Access: ISU-130 on the NA server

      1. What it’d need to be not trash is better pen. Or preferential MM like the other bad pen, high DPM premium TD, the 8,8 Jagdtiger.


  1. This thing is good for one thing only that is more than often absent in current matches – long range sniping on narrow fronts and flat ground.


      1. As far as I know its the only premium in the game and one of if not the only tank in the game with a gold round that is worse than its default round.


    1. That is a tank they only ever gave out to some staff and its trash. If you want it so badly just play the tech tree T44 with its 122mm gun.


  2. At least this isn’t another Tier VIII Heavy, The soviet tree really needs TDs, СУ-130 and now ИСУ-130 I personally think are pretty much ok. I personally would also like an american premium Autoloader maybe T-77 oder make it an alternate Tier X Medium tank, something like that.

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    1. The Soviet tree really needs TD’s?
      So the SU-130PM, SU-122-44, ISU-122S and the SU-100Y isn’t enough prem TD’s?
      Only the German tree has more.
      Meanwhile some others have 1, or even none at all…

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      1. Which tree has none? The British have the Excalibur, the French have CDA 105, we Germans have, as you said the most, the Americans get TS-5 and Sweden and China have also a Premium TD. So every Techtree who has a Tankdestroyer line also has a Premium. Maybe they introduce later a Japanese or Italian TD Line but at the Moment every Tree has at least one Premium Tankdestroyer.


        1. The excalibur is not a premium vehicle. Its a reward vehicle. And to get it, you have to have a decent garage with tanks from different nations, to complete those mission. Its also has no credit multiplier so there is definitly a difference.
          But they have the AT-15A as a premium Tankdestroyer, but its not that good tbh.


  3. Its not OP in its own tier, it can barely pen SOME tier 7 tanks.
    It’s very under powered, inaccurate, slow, and not enough gun barrel movement, whole hull moves and loses concealment, which is also crappy.

    Oh, and tier 6 penetrates its armour, no problem.

    Apart from no camo, no pen, no hit, no mobility, no armour, it’s a GREAT TD.


    1. from WoT wiki:


      – Poor accuracy makes sniping difficult

      – Rather slow; usually moves around at 25 km/h

      – Very poor all-around armor and low HP (1000)

      – Low penetration is troublesome against heavily armored targets

      – Narrow gun arc, large size, and sluggishness make close combat especially difficult

      – Sub-par view range and radio range

      – Premium ammunition has lower penetration than the standard AP shell

      I can’t stop laughing. It is a must buy. And rock full gold in it.

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  4. This tank is pure clickbait. It’s an ISU-152 with the BL-9S gun that trades more alpha for some pen, and for all intents and purposes does not have gold ammo (since the gold on the ISU-130 works the same as the one on SU-100Y, more damage but less pen than standard). Also has a crew of 4 when every relevant Soviet TD has 5.

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      1. When sold on SEA the crew came with enough XP for 1 skill/perk to 100%

        (Unlike female crew and BIA crew from Berlin quartet, this does count as 1st skill. 2nd skill takes same amount of xp as any normal crew member).


  5. This is what some moderators in ASIA deserve. They are terrible. They’re bigoted, they won’t listen and will ban anyone even giving chat permabans (yes, PERMANENT ban in all chats) with dumb assumptions such as “ban evasion using alt account”.

    Now go and play a tier 8 TD with 215 pen, losers. You deserve it.


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  6. Not worth it.

    WZ1g (which is a 122 44 on steroids)
    Not just is faster… got great dps, BUT ALSO bounces shit! ….
    Why anyone would want to play giant target is beyond me.

    Not even KJ105 (which is very fast on the move) dies within seconds once spotted


  7. I would love to see true unicums play this kind of vehicle. Keeping a good winrate and carry the team with a sub-par tank is a true mastery of the game.

    But most of our unicorns play top-meta OP tanks to seal club some good stats. And they are so crock tears hurt when described as cancer. Be a real pro, not a fake stats whore, and respect will come.


      1. MoE is a tricky set of statistics to talk about.

        On the one hand this TD is SUCH a POS that indeed 3 MoE would suck balls to even try, but on the other hand it’s SUCH a POS, that getting MoE if you are above average player should be easy enough. And the rarer the tank, the easier the MoE “should” be.

        The tier of enemy you are combating to cause damage in this tank is more vital than any other tier 8 premium I’ve ever seen. Meaning, you want a hell of a lot of top tier MM battles, and you want to fight a LOT of tier 6 and 7 tanks.

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        1. This thing is so rare, that Skill was playing against himself when marking this thing. Literally, since he was raising expected damage values for this piece of shit.


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