0 thoughts on “ISU-130 Available on ASIA

  1. For all you idiots out there with zero money sense, PLEASE BUY THIS. It\’s the worst tier8 and I\’d love to farm you.

  2. tl;dr a DPM monster but its penetration is terrible for its tier and class and gold ammo is of the kind that trades pen for damage (like SU-100Y). Definitely not worth 42+ euros but hey, if it makes collectors happy…

    1. Yes, i got one. Seems like this tank that never should have been sold is the next in the long list of tanks that never should get sold gets sold….

  3. Lol, only a few days ago somebody named it as one of \”never will be sold\” tanks.
    I\’d bet, for a right bunch of money, WG executives will sell their own grandmother.

  4. I hope they wont sell this here…. I got one for my work for them, and this was kinda special. Would be sad to see this for me special thing get owned by everyone…. Only 23 players on the EU Server have it, i am/was one of them…

    1. Apologies if I sound rude, but this kind of argument is nonsense. WG already sold to everyone stuff that supposedly was meant to be for a few select players (M6A2E1 and the other preorder premiums), or stuff that was never supposed to be sold again (E 25 every few months, Type 59 through the Christmas lootboxes loophole). I can understand one feels \’special\’ (actually I can\’t, but I try) because they have a very unique tank others don\’t, and I would agree with you if WG went mad and started selling things like T95E6 and Object 907 (like Khongzong does on CN server), but considering how bad ISU-130 is I doubt many would buy it to begin with – it\’s rare and will stay rare.

      1. WG fucked up only with Super Mutant. Other then that they never said \”it will never be sold again\”.

        1. Even that is debatable, because that was said in an interview and not on the actual sale page. Terms are only binding when they\’re in the actual agreement.

  5. It can be fun at times but most of the time it\’s a frustrating tank to play with. Wouldn\’t recommend it. Also while it was nowhere stated that the ISU-130 won\’t ever be sold, I\’m disappointed in WG for selling it.

        1. Surely the big \’fuck you\’ was giving people that helped them this pile of shit in the first place?

  6. I feel bad for people who have it, but my opinion is that not a single tank in the game should be unobtainable for a regular non-clan player (whether it is through money or through gameplay, eg bonds).

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